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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 75 (2-23)

Compiled By: KUT

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KUT's O’Dark 30 hits it's Diamond Anniversary with the best from the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on Austin's KUT 90.5 and also at 4pm on digital KUT2 we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 75 (2-23) includes Mystery Train...Kareem Salama-Muslim Country & Western Singer...The Boston Marathon...KUT's Portrait of an Artist with Daniel Perlaky...Make It Count...Jimmy & Jewel: A Love (?) Story [short version]...Travels With Mike: In Search of America 50 Years After Steinbeck...Bonjour Chanson: Series 8 Episode 40...Thinness and Salvation...Mother's Day Diary...Valentine's Day...This Can Go On Forever

Mystery Train

From Hillary Frank | 07:02

A teenage couple's date takes a turn for the worse when they run into a girl they know.

Default-piece-image-2 Hillary Frank remembers a train ride with a fifteen-year-old couple on a date and a girl who tries to convince the couple to get wasted with her at a party. The boy wants to go, but his girlfriend doesn't...because she's pregnant. As the ride progresses, Hillary learns more about the teens' conflicting desires -- and how they each want the evening to end. Originally aired on This American Life's "Promised Land" show.

Kareem Salama - Muslim Country & Western Singer

From Kyle Gassiott | 03:03

Born and raised in Ponca City, OK to Egyptian parents Kareem Salama had one dream to become a country and western singing star. If you've ever wondered what classical Arabic poetry set to country and western music sound together and how far one dream will take you, then listen closely.

Tumblr_larkm52ufv1qet98po1_500_small Kareem Salama was born and raised in Ponca City, a small town in Oklahoma, after his parents migrated to the USA from Egypt in the 1970s. As a boy he was obsessed with cowboys, strutting around in a stetson and cowboy neck-tie from a young age. He studied chemical engineering at university and then completed a law degree. But rather than pull on a suit and tie and work as a patent attorney, he decided to follow his passion for country and western music instead. Inspired by poetry, be it western or classical Arabic, he mixes a unique blend of stories and experiences into his music, celebrating his life as both an American and a Muslim.

The Boston Marathon

From The humble Farmer | 01:22

Why Don't Swedish Runners Train With the Kenyan Program?

Humbleoats_small Imagine what chaos will reign when every country implements the training program they use in Kenya, and 10,000 runners all show up at the finish line at the same time.

Make It Count

From Salt Institute for Documentary Studies | 07:14

Language and songwriting are bringing teenagers together from all over the world. The Young Writers and Leaders Program is the latest project from The Telling Room in Portland Maine. Local Hip Hop MC and Educator Sonya Tomlinson leads students on a five-week journey into sound, culture, and self discovery.


For five weeks teenagers from all over the world gather in the basement of the Portland Public Library to practice their songwriting and literacy skills. The Telling Room is renowned for it’s innovative workshops and nurturing approach to the art and craft of writing. The Young Writers and Leaders Program is their latest venture. Hip-Hop artist and Educator Sonya Tomlinson leads twelve high school students from nine different countries into their imaginations and language. This radio piece by producer Sara B. Curtis closely follows two teens as they journey into sound, culture, and their evolving identities. 

Jimmy & Jewel: A Love (?) Story [short version]

From Jason Rayles | 10:52

A woman I had never met before handed me a rose at my grandfather's funeral.

Jasonrayles_small A woman I had never met before handed me a rose at my grandfather's funeral. Later, I heard that she was his girlfriend. I had always known my grandfather in the way I was most comfortable imagining him, and this new information did not quite fit. I talk to Jewel about her relationship with Papa. I recorded the music for the piece in a church in Indiana just before choir practice. The musicians are the ones who played at my grandfather's funeral, and these are two of the songs they played.

Featured on Transom.org. For more information and conversation, visit Jimmy & Jewel on Transom.

Travels with Mike: In Search of America 50 Years After Steinbeck

From The Center for Documentary Studies | 54:00

A one-hour special revisiting Steinbeck's iconic book, Travels with Charley -- published 50 years ago, in 1962 -- and journeying into today's America through the eyes of contemporary artists. Episodes in Sag Harbor, N.Y.; New Orleans; North Dakota; Spokane, Wash.; Humboldt County, Cal., and Monterey, Cal. Produced by John Biewen of CDS and hosted by Al Letson of State of the Re:Union.

P1130283_copy_-_version_2_small The writer John Steinbeck climbed into a pickup-camper that he’d named Rocinante, after Don Quixote’s horse, and started driving. He left his home on Long Island with a set of questions that could, he wrote, be lumped into a single one: “What are Americans like today?” With his poodle Charley by his side, the novelist traveled 10,000 miles in three months, making a loop from one coast to the other and back again. His account of the journey, Travels with Charley In Search of America, was published in 1962, the same year Steinbeck won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Perhaps even more than Steinbeck could grasp at the time, the United States was at a turning point. He drove along an historical seam between one era and another, one kind of country and another. Half a century later, it seems fair to say that America finds itself at another crossroads.
Travels with Mike retraces Steinbeck’s steps, not with a poodle but with a stereo microphone (i.e., Mike). Producer John Biewen went to key locations on Steinbeck’s itinerary and in each place collaborated with an artist who’s deeply grounded in that place. Travels with Mike comprises a series of conversations, across time, between a great American writer of the last century and a diverse array of contemporary artists — conversations about issues, place, and the spirit of the country.

This special program is hosted by Al Letson, host of the NPR/PRX show, State of the Re:Union. Travels with Mike is a production of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.

Bonjour Chanson Series 8, Episode 40

From Charles Spira | Part of the Bonjour Chanson Series 8 series | 25:34

In this Episode 6 Francophone Artists are introduced in English with one of their songs. No need to understand French to enjoy their offering because you'll know what each song is about. We bring songs that are currently listened to in France, Canada and Belgium as well as a couple from earlier this decade. You will not want it to end.

Avignon_small The artists in this episode are very different, but they have at least one thing in common: exceptional talent.  Jean Ferrat and Jeanne Moreau interpret songs from earlier in this decade.  Jean Ferrat has a gentle, loving nature. Jeanne Moreau knows how to impersonate women of mystery who have an aura of danger.  Patrick Fiori and Nolwenn Leroy interpret recent successes. Benabar's songs are music videos whose images are created in your head and La Grande Sophie is one of Bonjour Chanson's favorite artists.  She travels throughout France bringing unpretentious heartfelt songs with beautiful melodies to which her audiences can really relate.
Here is the lineup:
Patrick Fiori, (France), Peut-Etre que Peut-Etre
Jeanne Moreau, (France), Que Toi
Benabar, (France), Je Suis de Celles
Nolwenn LeRoy, (France), Brest
Jean Ferrat, (France), Ma Mome
La Grande Sophie, (France), Quand le Mois d'Avril

Thinness and Salvation

From Sarah Yahm | 28:41

a piece about the symbolic meaning of fat in our culture

Default-piece-image-2 A fresh and different perspective on the obesity epidemic. Why are we so terrified of fat? what does it symbolize? How are we projecting other anxieties onto fat people and the fat body? In order to answer this question this piece follows Christian dieters, Northern California foodies, and fat activists.

Mother's Day Diary

From Hans Anderson | 02:49

I forgot Mother's Day, here's a diary of my day

Default-piece-image-0 Humorous faux-diary of my Mother's Day that didn't start out that well. Fiction. Timely for the day after Mother's Day.

Valentine's Day

From Joseph Dougherty | Part of the Story Salon Live series | 03:40

Julio Martinez answers the telephone on Valentine's Day and is pulled into a whirlwind of memory.

Salonlogob_small Story Salon regular Julio Martinez is visited telephonically by the ghost of Valentine's Day past. Story Salon began in a North Hollywood coffee house in 1996. The rules of the show are simple: Five to seven minutes of original material performed by the writer. This open policy, embracing a sort of "free-range" writing, results in one of the most eclectic hours of performance available. The stories in this series, recorded in front of a live audience, are a sampling of Story Salon's wide range of performers. The result is a unique blend of memoir and observation; sometimes funny, sometimes confessional, often controversial, always unique. Story Salon Live pieces are perfect as free-standing drop-ins or as part of any program focusing on the art of storytelling. Learn more at: www.storysalon.com

This can go on forever

From Big Shed Audio | 10:25

When Carol was 20, she gave her baby boy away for adoption. Twenty years later, the son, Joel, came looking. The two tell their story of reunion.

Joelpolaroid_sq_medium_small Carol Brobeck and Joel Woodruff recount the adoption and reunion, twenty years later, that define their relationship.  The story centers around the reunion itself, the moment when they actually found each other.  Joel and Carol were interviewed separately, but their story is interwoven here, without narration or music.