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Big Shed is an audio and media production shop run by Shea Shackelford, Jennifer Deer, and Jesse Dukes. We are committed to bringing you good voices, good stories, and good sound. Our work has aired on National Public Radio shows includuing All things Considered and Weekend Edition, as well as other national shows like Studio 360 and Weekend America. We also produce audio and multimedia work for the web and on occassion print. Beyond our own work, we also create and advise in the creation of a variety of audio and media projects for clients, including podcast creation, production training, and project development. And as much as possible, we like to encourage other independent producers to push their own creative boundaries.


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If you could go back, where would you go? The Place + Memory Project celebrates those places from our pasts that made their mark on us—but no longer exist. Through collected memories, we’re recreating a landscape of places we don’t want to forget, because they say something about who we are.


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Franklin County Virginia was once called "The Moonshine Capital of the World”, where corruption and exploitation put working families up against th...

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Caption: Shea Shackelford enjoying a barbecue sundae at the 2005 National Cornbread Festival, Credit: Jennifer Deer
"Oh, I love it. You can't live without corn bread. And you gotta cook it in that skillet, too! ... Corn bread basically was poor man's food that ...

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Caption: This polaroid of Joel was given to Carol by her social worker when the adoption process was completed., Credit: Photo courtesy Carol Brobeck.
When Carol was 20, she gave her baby boy away for adoption. Twenty years later, the son, Joel, came looking. The two tell their story of reunion.

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San Antonio is home to underground music mecca--an understated cinderblock shrine on the banks of the San Antonio river--Taco Land.

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Have you ever eaten Fried Rabbit? Barbecued Rabbit? Rice with Rabbit Gravy? They were standard fare at the Venz Rabbit Hutch Restaurant in Logan, ...

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Teenagers talk about the realities of their sex lives and what they've figured out this far.

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Caption: Logan Circle Neighborhood - Washington, DC, Credit: (Google Maps)
Profile of a DC neighborhood in transition by 8th grade students and teachers from The Cesar Chavez Public Charter School in Washington, DC.

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Spend a day with a school-portrait photographer at an elementary school in the Washington, DC.

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