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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 160 (4-04)

Compiled By: KUT

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KUT's O’Dark 30 gets ready for a deluge of presents with more of the very best from the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on Austin's KUT 90.5 we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 160 (4-04) includes John Pierson's Master Class with David Gordon Green...B-Side Radio: Holiday Special...Alt 50s Christmas...A Cowboy Christmas

B-Side Radio: Holiday Special

From B-Side Radio | 29:01

Just in time for the holidays, the B-Side Radio crew brings you stories of holiday cooking, shopping, tree hunting and charity gone awry.

Santas1_small B-Side's Tamara Keith and Erika Kelly visit Union Square in San Francisco and find it filled with holiday cheer - and a couple of hundred intoxicated people dressed as Santa. Stories include: Tamara Keith on making latkes the right way. Ethan Lindsey on chopping down his own Christmas tree. Erika Kelly on making her son a wooden toy. Scott Gurian on his father's attempt to play Santa and what went wrong. Rene Gutel on her husband's Christmas present and an ethical dilema.

A Cowboy Christmas

From Western Folklife Center Media | 54:24

A musical and poetic celebration of the Christmas holiday from the open ranges of America's outback.

Default-piece-image-0 A Cowboy Christmas celebrates the holiday with memories, music, and poetry of people who live and work in the isolation of America's outback. Some of the stories and songs are family traditions passed down through the generations while others are new works inspired by Christmas on the lonely range. This program features poets Baxter Black, Waddie Mitchell, and Native American singer and comedian Vincent Craig.