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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 11

Compiled By: KUT

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SO’Dark 30 is an exploration of the world of independent radio production. It airs Sundays at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin. Every week we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production We’ve got one rule… if it’s good, we’re gonna try to bring it to Austin.

Episode 11 pieces include StoryCorps: Danny and Annie Perasa...Love is Like an Apple...high societies...Jeremy and Virginia Twice Wed--Not Your Typical Love Story...House of the Lord...StoryCorps: Barbara Paer...A Mathematical Valentine...Eat Cake...Thanks For Sharing Your Girlfriend...Keeping Secrets...Who Is This Man: A State of the ReUnion Black History Month Special...Slow Media...Long Distance Love in Los Angeles

Love is Like an Apple

From SpiritHouse Inc/Youth Noise Network | 04:16

Adrian Boyes poses the simple question, "What is Love?"

Lovepicadrian_small In this short yet funny piece, Adrian Boyes asks, "What is Love?" Listen as many high school students divulge their innermost feelings on this personal topic.

Jeremy & Virginia Twice Wed--Not Your Typical Love Story

From Sue Mell | 15:18

Even after getting married to each other twice, a couple still grapples with commitment.

Default-piece-image-0 When Jeremy and Virginia met in Santa Fe they joined their lives together instantaneously but nothing is ever that easy. They got married once in secret so that Jeremy could get his green card and then once again 9 years later in front of all their friends and family. It's a story of practicality versus romance and the struggle of two firecely independent people to embrace commitment. Appropriate for Valentine's Day or the month of June when weddings abound... Broadcast on WYSO, Antioch University Yellow Springs,OH Feb 05.

House of the Lord

From Helen Borten | Part of the A Sense of Place series | 29:33

The history of a black church on an antebellum plantation and how it was saved from destruction.

Default-piece-image-1 Three days after Christmas in 1993, the new owner of Rosedown, the most famous antebellum mansion in Louisiana, gave the 80 members of Rosedown Baptist Church six months to move so that he could tear down the tiny structure on his newly acquired property. What was a black church doing on an antebellum plantation anyway? Did the institution that has been so vital to African Americans have its roots in the institution that had subjugated them? How did the South reconcile Christianity and slavery? These are questions explored in the story of how black and white citizens in a small Southern town joined to save a historic church from destruction. The words of slaves and masters on religion form a historical counterpoint to the contemporary story. Elderly members of the congregation contribute their own moving memories of growing up on the plantation; a former slaveowner remembers things in a different way and church choir and services add rich ambience,weaving past and present into a tapestry of sound.

"A Mathematical Valentine"

From Joe Bevilacqua | Part of the Joe Bevilacqua Valentine Programming series | 04:38

Definitely timely and a breath of fresh air for the upcoming Valentines Day. - Joel Brussell, PRX

Valentine_small A perfect piece for Valentine's Day! In this charming short profile, producer Joe Bevilacqua tracks down his former mathematics professor Ron Reummler to hear how math can explain lost love.

A REVIEW of A Mathematical Valentine: **** Earnest, Edgy I like the feel of this piece particularly the idea that a math teacher is making an effort to console us in the world of endless emotion. Definitely timely and a breath of fresh air for the upcoming Valentines Day. (Producer) Joel Brussell New Buffalo, MI January 17, 2007 More "Joe Bev" Valentine's specials can be found at: http://www.prx.org/series/23013

Eat Cake

From The Truth | 10:35

Can coconut cake + random phone calls = love? Find out, when these two Valentine's Day traditions collide.

Eat Cake
The Truth

Valentines2_small Elizabeth and Brian are strangers. It's Valentine's Day. They're lonely, as usual. But things will be different this year, when one random call from the phone book and a slice of coconut cake collide. This fictional romantic comedy was originally produced for Weekend America's final broadcast in January 2009.

Original music composed and performed by the producer specifically for this piece.

Keeping Secrets

From Aaron Henkin | 17:15

A story about what happens when we hold on to secrets, and what can happen when we let them go...

Default-piece-image-0 I put this story together after meeting a guy named Frank Warren. He?s an interactive artist who created a project called Post Secret. About a year ago, he started slipping little homemade postcards into library books. The cards had his home address pre-printed on them, along with an invitation for the finder to anonymously mail a secret that he or she had never told anyone before. The response was huge. Over the past year, Warren has received over twelve thousand secrets in his mailbox. If you?re interested in broadcasting this story, here?s an intro that might work for your announcer / host: ?On any given day, we all try our best to be compassionate, benevolent, and charitable --- but we?re also human, and that means that we can?t help but harbor certain thoughts that we try very hard to keep from the people around us, and even from our own selves. Today, Baltimore radio producer Aaron Henkin brings us a story about secrets --- what happens when we hold on to them, and what can happen when we?re given a chance to let them go??

Teacher Crush Vox

From Curie Youth Radio | 02:17

A vox full of memories of innocent teacher crushes.

Images_small A vox that works for National Teacher Day, Valentine's Day, or maybe a day close to graduation.  This is a light hearted collection of student voices waxing poetic about teacher crushes. 

Long Distance Love in Los Angeles

From Karen Fritsche | 05:30

In Southern California, everything depends on one thing: how long will it take to drive there? Whether it's where you work, where you eat, or where you love...

This is a funny, sound-rich, first-person tale of love, dating and gridlock. It's set in LA, but people in cities everywhere will definitely relate. Especially if they're trapped in their cars when they're listening.

This story features the The Schlepometer, a genius new formula for determining whether any given relationship is worth the hassle of commuting.

Other voices:
Alan Metter, of Beverly Hills, who dates by traffic patterns.
Lee Ettinger, a self-proclaimed hopeful romantic, willing to go anywhere for love. 
Musician Eleni Mandell, whose Westside boy, moved to the Eastside.
Kristin Friederich.  LA's sprawl even gets in the way of her booty calls.
And sex columnist, Dan Savage.

Edited by: John Rabe, host of Off-Ramp, 89.3 KPCC
With mixing help from: Ronny Mikklesen