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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 43

Compiled By: KUT

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O’Dark 30 is KUT's wildly quixotic adventure through the world of independent radio production. Every Sunday at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 43 includes The Semantics of Closing a Door...Snap Judgment 106: Utopia...No Rules: The Life and Music of Esteban "Steve" Jordan...Bill Murray the poet...Bonjour Chanson Series 8 Episode 36...Just Add Water: Life in Arizona...Have You Ever Visited Machias, Maine?

The Semantics of Closing A Door

From The humble Farmer | 01:33

What is the difference between a door that is closed and a door that is completely closed?

Humbleoats_small Answer: About $500 in heating oil.

No Rules: The Life & Music of Esteban 'Steve' Jordan

From KUT | 59:00

Music-Rich Hour-long Radio Documentary on Latino Accordion Legend Esteban 'Steve' Jordan

Stevejordanwepic_small Esteban 'Steve' Jordan is not a household name. But serious musicians know that for decades Jordan has been considered the world's greatest accordion player. Elusive and reclusive, Jordan was notorious for refusing media interviews. But a recent bout with liver cancer has him lifting the veil on his life story. Latino USA's Alex Avila recently visited with this mysterious musical artist and produced this radio documentary for Hispanic Heritage Month titled, "No Rules: The Life & Music of Esteban 'Steve' Jordan."

Bonjour Chanson Series 8, Episode 36

From Charles Spira | Part of the Bonjour Chanson Series 8 series | 27:30

We bring you a wonderful mix of French Language Songs from today and from the past. The melodies are beautiful and we tell you about the artists and their songs in English. It does not matter much if you do not speak French.

Bordeaux_small We bring you an eclectic selection of artists and songs.  You'll feel the emotion and you'll know what the songs are about.  We introduce the artists in English and you'll enjoy getting to know them.
In this episode you'll hear:
Johnny Hallyday, (France), Quelque Chose de Tennessee
Porcelaine, (Canada), La Fievre
Stephan Eicher, (Switzerland), Rendez-Vous
Axelle Red, (Belgium), Un Ete Pour Rie
Milo, (France), 24 Images
Luke, (France), L'Espece Humaine)

Just Add Water: Life in Arizona

From Terrascope Radio | Part of the Terrascope Radio Major Features series | 22:09

A light-hearted but serious exploration of how water is used, conserved and transported in Arizona.

Img_3414_small A team of young producers explores water in Arizona: How people feel about it, how it is used, how it gets from one place to another, and how it could be conserved. They follow the path of a droplet of water, from the Rocky Mountains, through dams, rivers and diversions, and then hundreds of miles across the desert. They talk to ordinary people, as well as to the Federal and state officials who set water policy. And they visit a Native American community that has had to learn to survive for nearly a century without its beloved river but is now beginning to see its water return.

Have You Ever Visited Machias, Maine?

From The humble Farmer | :27

Machias is in Washington County

Humbleoats_small Machias and Washington County are unique