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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 24

Compiled By: KUT

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O’Dark 30 is KUT's exploration of the world of independent radio production. Every Sundays at midnight on KUT 90.5 Austin we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 24 includes Does Your Spouse Buy Useless Things?..."these words, forever"...Lost and Found at the Border from KUT News...Death Bear and the Power of Purging...The Intergalactic Nemesis Part One...Bonjour Chanson Series 7 Episode 35...The Intergalactic Nemesis Part Two...Grand Canyon...One Computer Voice Too Many...A Mother's Shortcut

Does Your Spouse Buy Useless Things?

From The humble Farmer | 01:25

A marriage is the smallest unit of government.

Humbleoats_small Only your friends who have been married to the same person for over 50 years know why it is theoretically impossible to have a government that pleases everybody.

Lost and Found at the Border: A Special Report by KUT Radio and Latino USA

From KUT | 58:59

an exploration of immigration and our understanding of what?s gained when people cross an international border... and what?s lost with every journey.

Thebridgebetweenmexicoandu This program looks at illegal immigration from the eyes of the immigrants. It puts faces on those people who chose to settle or stop in the United States and their stories--who these people are, what situations in their own countries encourage them to leave for America, their contributions to the economy (real and underground), who they interact with, how they affect local communities. This program uses Texas and the issues found in the state as a lens through which to view the national debate on illegal immigration.

Bonjour Chanson Series 7, Episode 35

From Charles Spira | Part of the Bonjour Chanson Series 7 series | 28:06

We bring you six French Language singers each with one song.
We tell you about the artists and the songs in English and when you'll hear those songs in French, they'll be like old friends. Where has the language barrier gone?

Fontainebleau2_small All human life is found in French Language Popular Music.  Starcrossed lovers, truck drivers on the road at night, femmes fatales,  a long distance runner,  strolling around Paris in Spring and the most beautiful melodies you can imagine. There won't be a language barrier because you'll know what the songs are about.  Let yourself be carried away.
In this episode you'll hear:
Louise Attaque, (France), Depuis Toujours
Francoise Hardy, (France), Noir Sur Blanc
Stanislas, (France), La Vigie
Emmanuelle Seigner, (France), Autant s'Aimer Autant
Charlelie Couture, (France), Comme Un Avion Sans Ailes
Zazie, (France), Je Suis Un Homme

Grand Canyon

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Scott Carrier stories series | 03:35

A father and son hike.

Scgrandcanyon_small Father and son spend a week together traveling and hiking America's Grand Canyon.

One Computer Voice Too Many

From Laura Strickler | 03:09

The automation of customer service sucks the personality out of everyday life.

Default-piece-image-0 This is a commentary about the loss of human interaction from the automation of customer service. "Julie" the Amtrak automated voice has replaced 600 call center employees, so this piece is a "conversation" with her. It's also includes a gripe about how some companies charge customers to talk to a live agent.

A Mother's Shortcut

From Peter Bochan | Part of the Shortcuts series | 28:25

"A Mother's Shortcut" - a nostalgic look back at Mother's Day, mixing music, comedy and archival material

Mother03_small A Mother's Shortcut--a classic Mother's Day mix, blending comedy with timely, theme oriented music and archival clips--featuring Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Al Jolson, Steve Allen, Charlie Weaver, The Beatles, Laurel & Hardy, Monty Python, Carole Bishop, Will Rogers, Humphrey Bogart, Marjorie Main, Elvis Presley & Hy Gardner, Sophie Tucker, The Intruders, Gilda Radner & Dan Ackroyd, Warren Zevon, Raul Julia, George Jessell, Helen Hayes, Robert Walker, Mary Martin, Todd Rundgren, Paul Simon, The Barry Sisters, Vaughn DeLeath, "Stella Dallas", "Ma Perkins", Bill Withers, Violet Bochan (mom) and many more.