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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 103 (2-51)

Compiled By: KUT

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KUT's O’Dark 30 sneaks up on Thanksgiving with more of the very best from the world of independent radio production this week. Every Sunday at midnight on Austin's KUT 90.5 and also at 4pm on digital KUT2 we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 103 (2-51) includes KUT's Portrait of an Artist with Sam Lipman...The Beatles: Every Little Thing - Episode 1...Lean and Hungry Theater Presents: Romeo and Juliet...Garbage...Trick or Treat...Audio Revolution "Consumerism" Segment

The Beatles: Every Little Thing - Episode 1

From Andy Cahn | Part of the The Beatles: Every Little Thing series | 54:06

Our debut show includes a Beatles/solo Peace music set, we'll get Anthologized, and hear a Beatles cover from the Smithereens.

Elt-logo3_small Every Little Thing marks its debut show with a thematic set of Beatles/solo Peace songs, plus a Beatles cover from the Smithereens, and music from the Beatles and Lennon Anthologies.

Lean & Hungry Theater Presents: Romeo And Juliet

From Lean & Hungry Theater | 53:58

A radio drama adaptation of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," set in modern-day “Verona, California,” with live sound effects and some of the finest Shakespearean actors in Washington, DC. Modern-language narration provides an ongoing recap of the original text throughout the show. Lean & Hungry’s “Romeo and Juliet” was aired originally by Washington, DC's WAMU on February 14, 2011, as WAMU’s Valentine’s Day treat for its listeners.

R_j_graphic_small Lean & Hungry Theater, DC’s only radio drama company and Washington DC’s NPR affiliate WAMU-88.5, present this radio drama adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet .”

The one-hour production was recorded before a live audience and was originally broadcast by Washington DC NPR affiliate WAMU 88-5 on Valentine’s Day,   February 14, 2011.

Set in modern-day “Verona, California,” Lean & Hungry’s “Romeo and Juliet” recasts Shakespeare’s classic characters as students of the Prince Preparatory Academy, with other action taking place on the grounds of the Verona Country Club and the fashionable estates of the wealthy Montague and Capulet familes.

The cast of “Romeo and Juliet” includes artists who have appeared with or taught at The Folger Theatre, The Shakespeare Theatre, The Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, The Washington Shakespeare Company, Studio Theatre, and other local and national companies.

“The story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is among the best known – and most frequently taught – of Shakespeare’s plays,” explained Jessica Hansen, Lean & Hungry’s Artistic Director. “The tragic love story takes on special significance in the time leading up to Valentine’s Day.”

 “We’re making it particularly relevant and understandable to younger and underserved audiences by placing it in a contemporary setting with modern-day sound effects.” Hansen added. “We also have edited the production to one hour, with modern-language narration providing recap of the original text throughout the show. It’s an ideal way to introduce the broadest audiences to this important work.”

Lean & Hungry Theater is the only company in the Washington, DC metropolitan area dedicated to adapting works of Shakespeare and other classic playwrights for radio broadcast.


The productions and recordings of Lean & Hungry Theater productions are endorsed by the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind.


From Hans Anderson | 13:28

For fourteen months, starting in January 2002, I went through my neighbor's garbage twice per week.

Hans Anderson

Mockumentary1s_small This is a Mockumentary. For more information and conversation, visit this feature on Transom.org.

Trick or Treat

From Icebox Radio Theater | Part of the Icebox Radio Theater: Short Subjects series | 08:38

Three kids solve a mystery on Halloween - - or do they?!?

Sum0701_small Three kids solve the mystery of strange sounds emanating from a neighbor?s house on Halloween. When they try and investigate, they find themselves wrapped up in radio sound effects, and learning a little something about tolerance to boot. Recorded before a live audience.

Audio Revolution "Consumerism" segment

From Littleglobe | 28:06

Youth Media Project's Audio Revolution tackles conspicuous consumerism with local organizations, as well as Taoist approach to dealing with holiday stress.

Img_1292_small YMP's Audio Revolution tackles the touchy topic of Christmas and Consumerism with hosts Sienna Sanchez and Conor Cole. This segment include Earthcare International/Youth Allies participants' audio cascade about waste and recycling, a piece on Walmart's use of sweatshops and additional unsavory labor practices, and finally, YMP's Taylor Ramzel's Taoist approach to dealing with holiday stress.