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Playlist: O'Dark 30 episode 123 (3-19)

Compiled By: KUT

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KUT's O’Dark 30 is giddy with Spring Fever and delighted to bring you more of the very best from the world of independent radio production this week. Every Sunday at midnight on Austin's KUT 90.5 and also at 4pm on digital KUT2 we present 3 hours of a little bit of everything from the world of independent radio production.

Episode 123 (3-19)includes "Home From Africa"...Destination DIY: Gender Expression...Frank Sabatino, Fisherman...KUT's Portrait of An Artist with Roscoe Beck...#16 Leaving...#3 Behind The Comedy: 30 Years of Duck's Breath Mystery Theater...Cultural Vampirism, aka Hipsters are Vampires

"Home From Africa"

From Jake Warga | 20:03

A Peace Corps adventure

Painting_small Follow Jenafir into the heart of Africa and the human condition. Mixed interview and sent tapes: hear the symptoms of chronic Peace Corps Withdrawal, what village life is like, and how the hardest culture shock is coming home. Winner: Clarion Award. Society of Professionals in Journalism--MOE. Finalist: Gracie. NFCB Orig. posted Transom.org 12/01 Orig. Aired "Savvy Traveler" 1/02 HearingVoices: Woman's History Month Orig. 34min (better) version available. Contact jakesterw@yahoo.com

Destination DIY: Gender Expression

From Rendered | Part of the Destination DIY series | 28:07

Can gender be a do-it-yourself project?

Destdiy2c2_small Can gender expression be a do-it-yourself project? We'll attempt to answer that and many other complex questions about sexuality, biology and identity in four interviews with people across the gender spectrum. Diane Anderson-Minshall, executive editor of Curve Magazine, who identifies her gender as "femme," will discuss how her partner, Jake's transition from female to male has made her think differently about the innate nature of gender. Kodey Park Bambino, who identifies as "genderqueer" will discuss life outside the gender binary. We'll also hear from Ace Furnish, a young man who began his transition from female to male at age 15.

Frank Sabatino, Fisherman

From Radio Diaries | Part of the New York Works series | 07:40

One of the last fishermen left in the Brooklyn Harbor

Nyw_fisherman_004_l_small Part of the New York Works series

#16 - Leaving

From HowSound | 21:04

Whitney Jones tells a powerful story about leaving the Mormon Church.

#16 - Leaving


Radio stories usually aren't very complicated. Generally speaking, you can probably place stories into two categories. The first is the argument story -- these people say this, these other people disagree. The second is the narrative story -- the piece is organized chronologically as a sequence of events. (To be sure, I'm painting with a broad brush.)

Whitney Jones produced a somewhat different story last fall while he was at the Transom Story Workshop where I teach. His story "Leaving" falls in the "narrative story" category but instead of one single sequence of events, "Leaving" follows two -- a parallel narrative. That's unusual.

The reason you don't hear parallel narratives on the radio too often is because they're complex. They require more attention from a listener who, typically, is doing  something else while they listen. So, in recognition of that, producers and editors tend to want to simplify. That's smart, I think. But, if the writer pays close attention to keeping the two separate narratives clear and simple and brings them together in the end in a satisfying manner, then I think a parallel narrative can work on the radio and I'd like to hear more of them.

Definitely, Whitney's parallel narrative works and works well.

#3 Behind the Comedy: Thirty Years of Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre/Beyond the Glory

From Duck Spots | Part of the Behind the Comedy: Thirty Years of Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre series | 58:30

This is the money show, featuring several adventures of Denny, In House Psychologist (for Norton Corp), also money saving tips, All Criminal News, shock jocks, and The Brooke Report. More.

Default-piece-image-1 One of five hour long shows celebrating 30 years of Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre, this episode, The Sweet Stink of Success, is hosted by Bill Allard and Merle Kessler (from the Ducks). Beyond the Glory features Denny: In-House Psychologist, Mickey Bank, Divorced Men of the Desert, Mr. Silly, Millionaire Boot Camp, Box Town, and much more. Also: Music by composer Andy Paley (SpongeBob SquarePants). Also: an announcer with a British accent!

Cultural Vampirism, aka Hipsters Are Vampires

From Tom Pappalardo | Part of the The Optimist series | 01:50

The nebulously-named Hipster is defined and ridiculed.

Radio-cultural-vampirism-150_small The nebulously-named Hipster is defined and ridiculed.