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Playlist: Bulgaria

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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Penyo and Maria's Children's Home, Bulgaria

From Katie Burningham | 10:10

Audio tour of a children's home in Bulgaria

Default-piece-image-2 Maria has lived in Penyo and Maria?s children?s home all her life. She is seventeen now and wants to take you on a tour of her home. In this feature, we get a rare first hand glimpse inside a children?s institution in Bulgaria and explore what life is like for those who live there, along with their fears and their aspirations.

Pop Singer

From Homelands Productions | Part of the WORKING series | 08:12

Sandy Tolan profiles an aspiring young pop singer in Bulgaria whose true love is traditional music.


Diana Dimova says she's never so moved as when she sings the ancient mountain music of her native Bulgaria. The music, sung by women and distinguished by its haunting harmonies, was briefly popular in western Europe, and still enjoys a small but loyal audience. But it's no way for an ambitious, attractive young woman to make a living. So Diana (better known by her stage name, Dayana) has decided to become a pop star. She sings chalga, a popular form of dance music in central Europe. She performs for $10 a night at clubs, plus tips. Stardom could be just around the corner. Sandy Tolan's profile is part of the WORKING series from Homelands Productions. 

RN EuroQuest (#03): The (Near End of) Summer Holiday Show

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide | Part of the RN EuroQuest: Public Radio's Weekly European Journal series | 29:30

The (Near End of) Summer Holiday Show in EuroQuest

Rnlogoenglish_small 9:07 Segment 1 - Dutch Caravan Craze Wherever you drive through Europe, there they are, the family car straining to pull a massive camper up the Alps, through the Provence, and down to the Spanish Coasts. All Europeans do it. But none more so than the Dutch. Jonathan Groubert reports. 2:04 Segment 2 - Camping and Nudity Go Well Together in Germany In Germany, nudism is a normal part of camping. Mike M?hlberger explains and visits a few campgrounds himself. Arent you glad this is radio? Segment 3 - Bulgaria: Up and Coming Holiday Destination Bulgaria?s subtropical Black Sea Coast has created a building boom. But environmentalists there claim vast areas of natural beauty are being ruined. Malcolm Brabant put on his skivvies and filed this story. Segment 4 - La Rentree: the French Get Back to Work If you are in France just don?t try to get anything done in August. The French have checked out while the tourists checked in. But they?re back. Well, kind of. Marjorie van Halteren explains?