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Playlist: Norway

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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RN Documentary: The Recruits

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide | Part of the RN Documentaries series | 29:30

“The Recruits” visits a village in rural Norway actively recruiting Dutch residents to discover whether the newcomers can revitalize a dying community…and become citizens, not immigrants

Rnlogoenglish_small Norway needs you! If you're Dutch, that is...The country is actively recruiting new settlers to combat a declining population. The Dutch come top of the wish list: hard-working, innovative, gifted with language skills. But are Dutch people really prepared to adapt? "The Recruits" follows several families finding out what it means to be a foreigner...and illuminates the flip side of the integration debate.

TROLLHUNTER -- Filmmaker Andre Ovredal talks trolls, timing, and translation.

From Andrea Chase | Part of the Behind the Scenes series | 10:06

TROLLHUNTER -- Filmmaker Andre Ovredal talks trolls, timing, and translation.

Trollovrecroppeddelightedprx_small Andre Ovredal waited over a decade before embarking on his second adventure in feature filmmaking. He used the time to hone his skills as a successful commercial filmmaker in his native Norway, a country whose folklore gifted him with the premise of TROLLHUNTER. A man with a quick wit, and a killer smile, he talked about why he's glad he waited, the finer points of giving trolls a voice, why he doesn't regret using only one camera while filming with no coverage, as well as his wry mock-doc's underlying ecological theme.