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Playlist: Sweden

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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Sweden's Curious Christmas

From Rachel Louise Snyder | Part of the Global Guru Radio series | 02:56

What's Donald Duck got to do with a Swedish Christmas?

Guru_logo1_small The Global Guru is a new weekly public radio show that seeks to celebrate global culture. Engaging and rich in sound, the 2:45 interstitial enriches our collective understanding of the vastness of human experience by uncovering the world one small mystery at a time. Presenting station is WAMU in Washington, DC and sponsored by American University in DC. Some of our favorite past shows include: How do Cambodians predict the harvest each year? How did Tanzania become the capitol of barbershops? How and why does Thailand categorize food? What is Iceland’s most feared culinary delight? How do you track a Tasmanian devil? 

Sweden's Progressive Stance on Social Security

From AARP Radio | Part of the Prime Time Radio series | 59:55

Ulf Kristersson and Platon, this week on Prime Time Radio.

Mike_ptr_thumb_small Minister of Social Security, Health and Social Affairs, Ulf Kristersson speaks about how Sweden is learning from the world while also setting an example with their healthcare system. He believes that national healthcare is a constitutional right. It is a system, which is a mix of public and privatized providers that work together under federal guidelines to provide coverage for all citizens regardless of age.

Although many of the individual photos have very different tones, Platon wanted to convey a sense of collective spirit in his book, POWER. It's a collection of 50 of the world's most influential leader's portraits. As a New Yorker Magazine staff photographer, he set up a small studio at a UN assembly, and attempted to photograph as many world leaders as he could get in front of his camera. To Platon, taking a portrait is about capturing the real essence of a person. With a healthy irreverence for authority, Platon tried to meet these larger than life leaders on a more personal level and draw out the humanity in them. 

 Ulf Kristersson and Platon, this week on Prime Time Radio.

Stylish fingerstyle guitarist from Sweden

From John Diliberto | Part of the Echo Location: Soundings for New Music series | 03:30

Jimmy Wahlsteen turns a pop melody sensibility into fingerstyle instrumentals


With 181st Songs, Sweden's Jimmy Wahlsteen has produced a pristine CD of finger-style guitar. He's got all the post-Michael Hedges guitar techniques down cold and weds them to melodic compositions and subtle arrangements on this impressive debut album that immediately propels him to the forefront of finger-style guitarists.

It's part of Echo Location: Soundings for New Music, the weekly digest from Echoes host and Peabody Award winning producer John Diliberto, exploring the latest in modern music with quick hitting interviews, music and commentary.

Yasmine's Song

From Latitude News | 04:44

Bullying isn't an American phenomenon. In Sweden, a federally-appointed bullying ombudsman will sue a school district for not sheltering students from bullying. This is one student's story.

Yasmine1_small When Yasmine was six years old, her classmates wrapped a jump rope around her neck, sending her home with a raw welt. It wouldn't be the last bruise she received at the hands of other students. Now 17 years old, the bullying hasn't stopped for Yasmine. What has changed, though, is her response to it. Yasmine's mother wrote a letter to Sweden's bullying ombudsman, who sued the city of Gothenburg for not protecting Yasmine.

This non-narrated story features two characters: Yasmine and music. Yasmine has begun a music career, and in this piece you'll hear the soulful music that inspires her, as well as her new single about bullying.

RN EuroQuest (#21): Old and New Culture

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide | Part of the RN EuroQuest: Public Radio's Weekly European Journal series | 29:59

Old and New Culture in EuroQuest

Rnlogoenglish_small 4:14 Segment 1 - France & Germany Plan Own Google ..and its called Quearo. This is give Europe and European language a higher percentage ranking, but also, as Frank Browning reports from Paris, to change the way you look at that information. 3:28 Segment 2 - Sweden Returns Totem Pole Sweden is returning a stolen totem pole it stole a century ago from the Haisa First Nation tribe from British Columbia. Radio Swedens Dave Russell reports. 4:25 Segment 3 - Dutch Nautical School Teaches Real Sailing The Enkuizen Nautical School in North Holland is the one and only place in Europe where you can learn to sail the old way. Our Michel Walraven learned all about it from school director Henk Wever. 4:07 Segment 4 - Bucharest Gone to the Dogs Romanias capital is thought to be home to around 300,000 strays. At the beginning of 2006, stray dogs were again omnipresent on the streets of the Romanian capital. Until someone got bitten, really badly. Iulian Muresan has more. 5:05 Segment 5 - Chessboxing! The only sport where taking a rook leads to a right hook. Kyle James reports from Berlin. There is also a 29 second promo available.

An Unlikely Partnership

From KVMR | 08:37

A California State Prisoner/Poet and a Swedish Classical Composer create "Frihet for de fanga" (Freedom for the prisoners)

Default-piece-image-1 Poet Spoon Jackson is serving a life sentance at the California State Prison Sacramento aka New Folsom Prison. Jackson has now been in prison for 28 years. Stefan Safsten is a classical music composer from Sweden. Safsten was given poetry by wwritten by Jackson (a man he never met) and wrote an opus based on the poems entitled "Frihet for de fagna" (Freedom for the prisoners). Safsten recently came to California to meet Jackson and came to our Nevada City studios to talk about" Freedom for the prisoners" and we hear both Safsten's music as well as Jackson recitation. This piece aired on KVMR-FM Radio on 7-5-05