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Playlist: Denmark

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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Charlotte Bruus Christensen - Cinematographer from Denmark - Submarino, My Good Enemy, Hunky Dory, The Hunt

From MergingArts Productions | Part of the Spoiler Alert Radio series | 29:00

Charlotte Bruus Christensen - Cinematographer from Denmark - Submarino, My Good Enemy, Hunky Dory, The Hunt


Charlotte began working with Thomas Vinterberg with his dramatic feature,Submarino, after working on a number of award winning short films, like Between Us which she also wrote and co-directed, 

Charlotte followed this up with the drama My Good Enemy and dramatic musical feature, Hunky Dory.

Charlotte recently teamed again with Thomas Vinterberg on the acclaimed film,The Hunt, for which she won the Vulcan Award of the Technical Artist atCannes.

The Hunt is about a Lucas, a divorced father who teaches at a kindergarten when an accusation made by Klara, the young daughter of his best friend ends up nearly destroying his career and all his relationships.

RN Documentary: Musica Humana

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide | Part of the RN Documentaries series | 29:30

Musicians and doctors in Denmark compose and use music in hospitals.

Rnlogoenglish_small One of the worst things about going in to hospital is the fact that it’s so unfamiliar; white walls, strange machines and sick people. And if you are going to have an operation, you’re probably also very worried… Well a group of doctors and musicians in Denmark have realised just how scary this whole procedure is for many of us. So they’ve formed a research project called ‘MUSICA HUMANA’ – which involves music specially composed to relax nervous patients, calm busy nurses and bring deeply anaesthetised patients back to reality. Based on the rhythm of a human heart – and woven together with the familiar sounds of the natural world, the music of Danish Composer Niels Eje has astounded even the most cynical of medics by calming the heart-beat of patients undergoing intensive cardiac procedures. And subject to rigorous scientific testing, the sound environment created by ‘MUSICA HUMANA’ has been proven to help patients recover better, feel less pain and have a much experience of their stay in hospital. Anne Blair Gould visits the musicians and scientists behind ‘MUSICA HUMANA’ and asks how this music helps in the healing process…