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Playlist: Alabama

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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One Alabama

From Anton Foek | 16:10

The story of a Zoo run by only women that was transferred to a private home in Alabama

One Alabama
Anton Foek

P1000306_small When the first hurricane threatened to hit the Gulf Shores on the Gulf of Mexico in Alabama, director Patti Hall had no choice but transfer the 400 + animals of her Zoo to her home in the suburbs. Big cats, snakes, alligators [ one of whom escaped ] monkeys and all the others. She repeated the move when the second hurricane came on board and did it again on the third threat. This is the story of a Zoo run by women who are said to have better nurturing genes than men and take pride in their work and jobs.

Alabama Alabama

From Anton Foek | 11:10

One {....} of a captain. Kathy Broughton grew up in Birmingham Alabama but soon learned fishing from

P1000329_small Kathy Broughton has been fishing ever since she can remember. When the tight time was there, she turned a professional fisher and the only - if not one of the few - captain in these parts of the U.S. of America. She gets up every morning at 3.30 am but to compensate she also gets to bed early and spends the whole day on water near the Gulf of Mexico. Her greatest wish is to pass on her knowledge and experience on to younger generations as preservation of the seas riches is very precious to her. As a lonely rock she stands out in an all mens world. Listen to her uniique story.

Dropping Out: Part One

From The National Center for Media Engagement | Part of the American Graduate series | 02:51

Welcome to Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama, a Title I "dropout factory" striving to improve its success rates.

Apt_logo_small Produced by Woodlawn High School Jeff Meadows' Journalism Class

Frankie’s Diary, Part 2: Football

From Radio Diaries | Part of the Teenage Diaries series | 16:24

Frankie’s second Teenage Diary follows his season playing running back for the Valley Head Tigers. Recorded in 1997, Frankie documents his life as a teenager.

Sixteen years later, Frankie records another diary, documenting his life now and what's happened since. Hear a sneak peak of Frankie's new diary in the Radio Diaries Podcast below.

This story is part of the Teenage Diaries series produced by Radio Diaries for NPR.


Frankie’s second audio diary follows his season playing running back for the Valley Head Tigers. 
“In the seventh grade, I was real little, probably weighed 75 pounds. Everybody used to pick on me all the time. They picked on me and beat the crap out of me everyday…Then one day, my ninth grade year, I decided to play football. Now, at school, I can’t go out in the hall without somebody touching me and saying, ‘Hey Frankie, good luck tonight.’ I mean it’s just crazy. I can’t believe everybody likes me as much as they do. It’s like the old me is dead and then I was born again or something.”

This story is part of the Teenage Diaries series produced by Radio Diaries for NPR. Since 1996, Executive Producer Joe Richman has been giving tape recorders to young people around the country to document their lives. In December of 2012, Radio Diaries will revisit five of the original diarists 16 years after their first recordings. The series airs on NPR’s All Things Considered 

Residents of TVA Coal-Ash Dump Area Speak Out

From Public Radio WorldWide - PRWW.org | 02:40

Hear Why Local Residents Are Against TVA's Coal Ash Dumping in Alabama

Tva-coalash_resident-markuswelby_150x_17kxjpg_small Resident Markus Welby speaks out against the TVA Coal-Ash dumping being done close to his home in nearby Uniontown, Alabama.  (Raw audio track contains ambience along the end of the file.)  Edit or excerpt freely.