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Playlist: Italy

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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Industrial Designer

From Homelands Productions | Part of the WORKING series | 06:51

Jon Miller profiles an Italian industrial designer who puts new twists on ordinary household objects.

Industrial_small There's a huge amount of human effort buried in almost everything around us. Look deep into a toaster or a loaf of bread and you'll find engineers and farmers, bankers and accountants, politicians and tax collectors, truck drivers and mechanics. Industrial designers may be the ultimate "embeds." They're the anonymous people who decide how the things around us look and feel. Raffaella Mangiarotti lives in Milan, the global capital of design. She designs everything from toilet brushes to baby seats. For her, design isn't about new colors or shapes. It's about solving problems. Jon Miller's profile is part of the WORKING series from Homelands Productions.