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Playlist: Czech

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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Communist Camp

From Joanna Stein | 05:21

One Czech high school teaches students what it was like to live under a communist regime.

Img_1724_small In Czechoslovakia the Communist Party was in power for more than 40 years. But young people growing up today in the Czech Republic have no experience of the regieme that so affected their country's recent history. To help students understand the circumstances of their parents' coming of age, one high school is bringing communism BACK, for one week each year. Joanna Stein reports on their experiment in historical reenactment.

A Musician's Life: The Swell Season

From WXPN | Part of the A Musician's Life series | 05:00

On this edition of "A Musician's Life" Tracey Tanenbaum speaks with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of The Swell Season. Most people will remember the pair from the 2007 surprise hit movie "Once". The film won an Oscar for Best Original Song, "Falling Slowly". The pair is back with a new album called "Strict Joy".

Swellseason_small In 2007 Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova starred in the independent movie, "Once".  Glen Hansard played a struggling street musician.  Irglova portrayed a poor Czeck immigrant.  The pair discover a musical chemistry and fall in love.  Irglova and Hansard had performed together prior to the movie in the act The Swell Season.  But the film catapulted their careers.  And in a case of life immitating art, the two musicians became romantically involved.  The pair broke up in early 2009 but they continue to make music together.  Their latest album is called "Strict Joy".