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Playlist: YONKERS

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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Little Odessa in Brooklyn

From Helen Borten | Part of the A Sense of Place series | 29:30

One hundred years of Brighton Beach memoirs.

Default-piece-image-2 Little Odessa in Brooklyn is about the Russian Jews who survived pogroms and purges and brought humor, music and vitality to Brighton Beach,from its heyday in the 20s, 30s and 40s to the present day. It is also the story of a dying neighborhood saved by the determination of one woman and the energy and brio of a wave of new immigrants. This program was originally aired on NPR's Weekend All Things Considered. Winner, "Best Documentary on Jewish Life," Judah Magnes Museum, Los Angeles, CA. One :30 promo (click "listen" page, promo labeled "Segment 2")

A Century of Heroes: Week Eleven

From David Bear | Part of the A Century of Heroes series | 07:44

Five 90-second programs, each recounting a remarkable act of everyday courage drawn from the Carnegie Hero Fund archives.

Default-piece-image-2 51. John O' Neill- Yonkers, NY 1954- O'Neill left into the Hudson River to save a drowning woman, twice. 52. Peter J. Basco, Charles Kunkler - Wadsworth, Ohio 1915- They risked their lives to save a child who dashed in front of an oncoming train. 53. Jeffrey D. Miller-Lockport, NY; Kevin R. Caffery- Angola, NY 1999- They plucked a would be suicide from the brink of Niagara Falls. 54. Juana G. Nicholas- Honolulu, HI 1961- He left into the hold of a freight ship to save a fellow stevedore. 55. Lyle D. Baade- Peoria, AZ 2000- Baade, a heart transplant recipient, prevented a massacre.

Rocco from the Bronx

From Adam Allington | 04:12

Rocco Migliorelli talks about farming in the Bronx during the 1930's, 40's and 50's

Dadpic_small Rocco Migliorelli grew up in an Italian farming family in the Bronx. He and his father sold vegetables out a cart on the street. Later on toward the end of the 1960's Rocco moved his family up the Hudson River to Red Hook, NY. In Red Hook Rocco together with his son Ken continued to grow fruit and vegetables and sell them all over the Hudson Valley and New York City. Rocco's story is the story a new generation of American farmers who take a turn of the century model of agriculture and give it a modern twist.

Joseph Klempner Teller, author of Bronx Justice

From Conversations with Allan Wolper | Part of the Conversations with Allan Wolper, WBGO.ORG series | 30:32

Joseph Klempner Teller is a mystery writer who learned about the seedy side of life as a former undercover agent for the the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (now the Drug Enforcement Agency) and later as a defense attorney fighting injustice in New York City criminal courtrooms.


Pelham Bay

From WFUV | Part of the Sound Poetry series | 04:51

Remembering days at a gritty but still summery Bronx beach.

Pelham Bay

Beach_girl_small Poet Janet Kaplan reads her poem "Pelham Bay", about her childhood visits to a Bronx beach; reading is mixed with "narrative" production elements and music.