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Playlist: Israel/Palestine

Compiled By: Eva Breneman

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The Lemon Tree

From Homelands Productions | Part of the World Views series | 38:21

An award-winning documentary that explores the roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict through the intertwined stories of an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man. As up-to-date today as it was when it was produced.

Lemontree_small Bashir Al-Khairi (buh-SHEER al-HAY-ree), an Arab, was six when his family was driven out of his stone home in Ramle, in old Palestine, during the war with Israel in July 1948. Dalia Eshkenazi, a Jew, was ten months old when her family arrived from Bulgaria in November 1948, and moved into an old stone home in Ramle. Nineteen years later, after the Six Day War, Bashir went to visit his old home. He rang the bell. Dalia answered. The Lemon Tree is part of the World Views series, produced by Homelands Productions. World Views is a series of international first-person documentaries revealing the human truths beneath the surface of daily events. The Lemon Tree was first broadcast on Fresh Air on April 24, 1998. It won the Overseas Press Club's Lowell Thomas Award for best radio news or interpretation of international affairs. It is the subject of Tolan's book of the same title, published in 2006 and republished in paperback in May 2007. The book was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and was named best nonfiction book of 2006 by Booklist.