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The Emotion Roadmap: How to improve your relationship with a supervisor or manager (20:00)
From: Chuck Wolfe

Want to know why smart people get stuck? It is almost always because of emotional issues or challenges in them, or in someone, or some group, they are dealing with? Are you ...
Caption: The Emotion Roadmap to Inspired Performance

Inspiring Leadership - A conversation with John Caparella (56:41)
From: Chuck Wolfe

I interviewed John Caparella, President of the award winning Venetian and Palazzo Resorts and the Sands Expo and Convention center in Las Vegas. John is also an award winner, ...
Caption: The Science & Art of Coaching

Dan Goleman and Chuck Wolfe Discuss What Makes Coaching Work (04:59)
From: Chuck Wolfe

Short segment discussing key aspects of coaching leaders and other individuals. Dan discusses the philosophy and theory behind coaching and Chuck talks about the practical ...
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Yale President Peter Salovey Talks about Emotional Intelligence and the Emotion Roadmap (12:32)
From: Chuck Wolfe

Peter Salovey and his colleagues share their insights regarding the history of emotional intelligence and the practical applications contributed by Chuck Wolfe. This is an ...
Caption: Managing Emotional Relationships

Emotional Relationships at Work and at Home (21:38)
From: Chuck Wolfe

Two callers, Rich and Cathy, with challenging situations. Rich is dealing with passive aggressive behavior at work and Kathy is dealing with dysfunctional relatives of her ...

About Me

My vision is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Key work experiences are being a Research Associate in the Executive Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School and in 1999 teaming up with Yale President Peter Salovey and his colleagues to become a pioneer in the field of Emotional Intelligence. I have been a Director of Leadership Development for Exxon and Hartford Insurance, and CEO of my own consulting business since 1994. In 2003 I created the Emotion Roadmap to help make the science of emotional intelligence useful to everybody. Along with my paid keynote speaking experiences and my leadership consulting I voluntarily began doing a public radio talk show in 1999 to make what I have learned available to any listener. The show is called "The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel and Control How You Feel."

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Influences: Former Harvard Professor Tony Athos, my family, and friends

Work Experience

Rehabilitation Counselor at Boston State Psychiatric Hospital
Worked at this hospital where some of the best mental health training took place in the 1970s. Learned group dynamics, psychotherapy, occupational therapy and encounter group techniques along with individual counseling.

Elementary School Counselor at Dubuque School System
The State of Iowa's first elementary school counselor.

Radio Talk Show Creator and Host of "Family Education & Understanding." at WDBQ Radio Station Dubuque, Iowa
Created and hosted a call in show for families to share concerns and support for one another. I also led workshops on Parent Effectiveness Training.

Research Associate for Executive Program for Management Development at Harvard Business School
While attending a doctoral program at Harvard University's Graduate School in Education I was fortunate enough to be hired and mentored by (according to Time Magazine) one of the world's greatest college professors, Anthony G. Athos. I had the opportunity

Director of Leadership and Organization Development at Exxon Corporation and Hartford Insurance
I worked with similar titles in both organizations. I learned an enormous amount about leadership development at the senior leadership level. I became highly skilled in managing change, team building and talent management,

CEO at Charles J.Wolfe Associates, LLC
In 1994 I began my own consulting business and have been fortunate to have worked very prestigious organizations including AIG, Bank of America, Cigna, Coca Cola, ESPN, Fidelity, Gaylord Entertainment (Opryland Hotel and other properties), GE, Kaiser Per

Adjunct faculty member at University of Hartford, University of Dubuque, Loras College and Clark College
Over the years I have taught occasionally at different universities or colleges. Most recently I have been teaching a course called Emotiona Intelligence in Organizations for the University of Hartford.

Radio Talk Show Creator and Host of "The Emotion Roadmap: Take the Wheel and Control How You Feel" at WPKN listener supported radio
I created and host a talk show designed to help everyone improve how they handle emotionally challenging situations at work and at home. I also interview leading thinkers in leadership.

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Harvard University, ABD, 1984

Northeastern University, M.Ed. in Counseling, 1972

Northeastern University, BA in psychology, 1971


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