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Into the World of Synesthesia (09:38)
From: Alex Lewis

Synesthesia is a rare neurological condition. It usually involves the involuntary coupling together of two unrelated sensory or cognitive experiences – like seeing letters as ...
Caption: An aerial view of North Beach Island where five cottages were demolished by the federal government.

Following Seas (08:26)
From: Alex Lewis

In late 2011. the federal government decided to demolish five old seaside cottages on Cape Cod that were at threat of being washed away due to coastal erosion. This action ...
Caption: Suzanne Leahy in her workshop in Orleans.

Boat Building as Art (04:32)
From: Alex Lewis

Despite being a woman in what's traditionally considered a man’s field, Suzanne Leahy has worked her way to becoming a master wooden boat builder - bringing the unique eye of ...