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Rodney Ford was 9 years old when he was forced to evacuate his home. What happened next was broadcast live on television. This piece was produced ...

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Caption: Brian Gelletly training for the 2013 Barista Championship, Credit: Alex Lewis
Brian Gelletly is really good at making coffee. In fact, his coffee is so good that he competed at the 2013 United States Barista Championship in B...

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Caption: Matt Hall is a brewer at Yards Brewery in Philadelphia., Credit: Alex Lewis
Many people love beer, but few really know what goes into making the stuff. Matt Hall - a brewer at Yards Brewery in Philadelphia, PA - dispels a ...

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Caption: Suzanne Leahy in her workshop in Orleans.
Despite being a woman in what's traditionally considered a man’s field, Suzanne Leahy has worked her way to becoming a master wooden boat builder -...

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Caption: An aerial view of North Beach Island where five cottages were demolished by the federal government.
In late 2011. the federal government decided to demolish five old seaside cottages on Cape Cod that were at threat of being washed away due to coas...

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Synesthesia is a rare neurological condition. It usually involves the involuntary coupling together of two unrelated sensory or cognitive experienc...

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