Brian Bovenizer

Caption: PRX default User image
  • Username: Joeygoo
  • Operations Manager
  • Role: Station Technical Staff


Caption: Amit Peled + the Casals cello.

The Voice of the Casals Cello (59:00)
From: David Schulman

Time machine? Try this cello: The stories swirling around Pablo Casals's instrument — now almost 300 years old — are full of time-warp coincidence, and breathtaking music. ...
Piece image

Taylor Negron: Portrait of an Artist as an Answering Machine (19:02)
From: The Kitchen Sisters

A look into the life of Taylor Negron— actor, comedian, and telephone message hoarder— told through the voicemails on his machine. We produced this piece with with Taylor's ...
Caption: Julia Child, Credit: Christopher Hirscheimer

JULIA CHILD Presents "Lunch with M.F.K. Fisher" (28:23)
From: Leet and Litwin

A gift from the Julia Child Foundation. We hear Julia introducing her late friend, M.F.K. Fisher, who takes us out for a staggeringly gluttonous meal at a French roadside inn.