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-U.S. troops turned to popular music as a way of coping with the war in Vietnam. In this sound-rich show, the authors of “We Gotta Get Out of thi...

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-An English professor who loves the Harry Potter books brings a few lucky students each year to London to visit the magical sites in the fantasy se...

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- Children who interact in some way with the justice system—even if it’s just living near a justice system facility—have worse health and education...

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-Alongside the army of men on the front lines of conflict was an army of women in support roles. From the Red Cross volunteers who boosted morale t...

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-Alongside the army of men on the front lines of conflict was an army of women in support roles. From the Red Cross volunteers who boosted morale t...

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- In Virginia, an unprecedented number of women were elected to the House of Delegates last year. We hear from some of those women about what it wa...

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-More than a hundred years ago, a small group of Russian Mennonites went looking for Christ in Central Asia. They didn’t find him, but they did fin...

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In our show today with Sara Farris we’ll ask, what’s behind the right-wing demand for women’s rights in the context of immigration (hint, it’s the ...

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Caption: Juie Dash, Mill Valley, CA 10/14/16, Credit: Andrea Chase
Julie Dash talks cultural authenticity, validation, and the unexpected gifts of Hurricane Hugo.

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Considered one of the greatest Argentinian poets of the first half of the 20th century, Alfonsina Storni, along with Frida Kahlo and Virginia Woolf...

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A music therapist talks why holiday music feels right this year. Plus: a music video by an all female a-cappela group deals with the social pressur...

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Caption: The Bowmans (Claire & Sarah), Credit: Up Close And Acoustic
The bands The Bowmans and Famous October visit Up Close And Acoustic to talk about the evolution of their music and play some harmony-filled, melod...

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Better late than never, I talk with Sara Gazarek about one of last year's best jazz vocalist recordings, her third album, Blossom and Bee. She tal...

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From preteen girls to college women to female faculty at the highest ranks of academia—a show about how women are learning to become leaders throug...

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Documentary of Original Music by Composer Suzanne Polak for Theatre

  • Added: Jul 13, 2006
  • Length: 14:53