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Caption: Warren Zevon, Credit: George Gruel

Up Close And Acoustic Warren Zevon Special Audio Documentary (02:54:04)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Welcome to Up Close And Acoustic's complete Warren Zevon audio Documentary. I am of the opinion that Warren Zevon should be recognized as one of America's greatest ...
Caption: Carlene Carter, Credit: Marc Hauser

Up Close And Acoustic with Carlene Carter (55:08)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Carlene Carter, proud member of the long celebrated Carter family of music, stops by Up Close And Acoustic to talk about music, legacy, family history and the ups and downs ...
Caption: Dar Williams, Credit: Jayne Toohey from Dar's Facebook

Up Close And Acoustic with Dar Williams (57:07)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Dar Williams, a singer/songwriter I've long enjoyed and admired, is back with a new album full of songs 'that matter'. It also happens that her latest book is entitled ...
Caption: Robin Armstrong/Cosmograf, Credit: Cosmograf Facebook and photoshop

Up Close And Acoustic with Robin Armstrong and Cosmograf (58:55)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Robin Armstrong is a songwriter and composer whose outlet is the Progressive Rock music project Cosmograf. Cosmograf's sound is very much based on a 1970s style, Prog-Rock ...
Caption: MEER, Credit: MEER Facebook

Up Close And Acoustic with MEER (57:43)
From: Charlie Silvestri

MEER is a Progressive Rock band from Norway. Their latest album is 'Playing House', and it grabbed me from track one. They have a massive sound (the band is an 8 piece) that ...