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Caption: James McMurtry, Credit:

Up Close And Acoustic with James McMurtry (56:26)
From: Charlie Silvestri

James McMurtry is a storyteller of the highest order. He is a performer who can guide you to the widest emotional extremes, not just in one concert but sometimes in one song. ...
Caption: Dar Williams, Credit: Jayne Toohey from Dar's Facebook

Up Close And Acoustic with Dar Williams (57:07)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Dar Williams, a singer/songwriter I've long enjoyed and admired, is back with a new album full of songs 'that matter'. It also happens that her latest book is entitled ...
Caption: Warren Zevon, Credit: George Gruel

Up Close And Acoustic Warren Zevon Special Audio Documentary (02:54:04)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Welcome to Up Close And Acoustic's complete Warren Zevon audio Documentary. I am of the opinion that Warren Zevon should be recognized as one of America's greatest ...
Caption: Grace Pettis, Credit: Grace Pettis Facebook page

Up Close And Acoustic with Grace Pettis (57:22)
From: Charlie Silvestri

Grace Pettis is a singer/songwriter and rocker, based out of Austin. Her latest album, 'Working Woman' is completely created and assembled by an all woman crew. As Grace ...
Caption: The Madrigal album, American release, Credit: Up Close And Acoustic pic of my copy

Up Close And Acoustic with Madrigal (56:13)
From: Charlie Silvestri

At a recent vinyl record convention, having mostly struck out with my shopping list, I took a chance on an album with a cool, very 'of the period' 1970 sleeve. Based upon ...