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Local arts, culture, history and environmental features made possible by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

Local arts, culture, history and environmental features made possible by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

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Will Steger has spent a lifetime exploring cold places: North Pole, Greenland and Antartica. Most winters, he lives inside a houseboat on the Missi...

  • Added: Apr 23, 2019
  • Length: 04:37
Caption: Cassandra Snow, Credit: Janet Nguyen
Cassandra Snow produces queer and feminist plays with Gadfly Theatre Productions in Minneapolis. As someone who is chronically ill, Snow encourages...

  • Added: Apr 23, 2019
  • Length: 07:08
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Somali-American kids and a London musician are making music together. Minneapolis teens recently teamed up with Aar Maanta to produce the first alb...

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  • Added: Apr 08, 2019
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The government has a history of taking Native children from their families. It started with boarding schools, then later the Indian Adoption Projec...

  • Added: Apr 04, 2019
  • Length: 04:23
Caption: Tesfa Wondemagegnehu, Credit: Johnny Goodson, St. Olaf College
Choral conductor Tesfa Wondemagegnehu believes vocal music can help change the world. In 2017, he co-founded the Justice Choir movement in Minneapo...

  • Added: Mar 31, 2019
  • Length: 03:27
Caption: Anthony Ceballos, Credit: Sasha Suarez
Anthony Ceballos is a Minnesota poet who loves reading his work before an audience. "A live reading of a poem for me is just as important as how it...

  • Added: Mar 24, 2019
  • Length: 03:27
Caption: Joy Dolo
As a kid, Joy Dolo was shy. Now she's an actor, a member of the comedy troupe Blackout Improv and a podcaster. KFAI's Dixie Treichel produced this ...

  • Added: Mar 15, 2019
  • Length: 03:17
Caption: Brigid McDonald, Credit: @ltmcdphoto
"Sisters of Peace," a new play at the History Theatre in St. Paul, tells the story of Brigid McDonald and her three biological sisters. They're Cat...

  • Added: Mar 13, 2019
  • Length: 03:57
Caption: Mikkel Beckman, Credit: Ryan Dawes
Minneapolis percussionist Mikkel Beckman doesn't want the spotlight. He'd rather you settle into the groove of his bandmates. He's a washboard perc...

  • Added: Mar 17, 2019
  • Length: 04:01
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Pao Houa Her is a photographer dedicated to producing art about Minnesota's Hmong community. Her thought-provoking work highlights the lives of war...

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  • Added: Mar 06, 2019
  • Length: 03:36
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Caption: Rachael Kilgour, Credit: Darin Kamnetz
In her lyrics, singer-songwriter Rachael Kilgour doesn't shy away from female pronouns: "Blessed her lips/And the turn of her wrists/Try and tempt ...

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  • Added: Feb 07, 2019
  • Length: 03:21
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Gerald Vizenor's newest book follows the three Native Americans protesting the government's treatment of World War One veterans. Titled "Native Tri...

  • Added: Feb 06, 2019
  • Length: 04:35
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A mini-history of Minnesota's first women-only theater company. Formed in 1976, At the Foot of Mountain Theater staged plays written by women and t...

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  • Added: Feb 01, 2019
  • Length: 03:31
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Caption: The Rogue Potters fire up the kiln on a summer evening., Credit: Xan Holston
A super hot, even flame is essential for firing pottery. When a kiln is heated by electricity or gas, that’s easy to accomplish. But if your kiln d...

  • Added: Aug 10, 2016
  • Length: 04:12
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Born in Minneapolis in 1920, Noel Neill watched the Andrew Sisters leave town and achieve fame. Neill wanted that too. So at age 17, she moved to L...

  • Added: Jul 19, 2016
  • Length: 05:25
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When David Mura was growing up, he wanted to be white. Then he visited Japan and began to explore his Japanese-American heritage. That knowledge in...

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Mastering a new hobby can be tricky, especially if that hobby is learning to ride a high wheel bicycle from the 1880s. The high wheels, so named be...

  • Added: Apr 19, 2016
  • Length: 05:37
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Kirk Washington, Jr. was a North Minneapolis-based artist and activist who was recently killed in a car accident. KFAI's Nancy Rosenbaum spoke with...

  • Added: May 06, 2016
  • Length: 04:13
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One doesn't expect to find a horror story at the opera. That hasn't stopped Minnesota Opera from confronting unspeakable acts at the Overlook Hotel...

  • Added: May 07, 2016
  • Length: 04:37
Caption: Harry Waters, Jr., Macalester College associate professor , Credit: Will Wright
Lots of creative people live in Minneapolis. They make stuff that people buy. And this creates dollars. But how many? And who’s getting paid the mo...

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  • Added: Jul 25, 2016
  • Length: 04:45
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