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What does it mean to practice the traditional arts in contemporary culture?

"Folklife FieldNotes" shares the stories of tradition bearers - artists, musicians and craftspeople - and asks what it means to practice the traditional arts in contemporary culture. Hosted by Jon Lohman, Virginia State Folklorist. Debuting in September 2009, these 3 minute and 30 second public radio features are designed as local drop-ins to Morning Edition and All Things Considered, with an Announcer Lede.

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When Christmas is over, the fun is just getting started for many in Southern Appalachia.

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Caption: Adam Larkey
Many of the musicians who perform at fiddlers' conventions and music festivals throughout southern Appalachia are, in fact, young kids.

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Caption: The Paschall Brothers onstage, Credit: Virginia Folklife Program
The Paschall Brothers of Chesapeake sing four-part harmony in a style with a storied tradition.

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Caption: Flory Jagoda (right) teaches Ladino songs., Credit: Morgan Miller
"Don't open your mouth. Just sit and play. Keep on playing."

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Caption: Spencer Moore, Credit: Jon Lohman
A masterful songster recorded by two folklorists, fifty years apart.

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