Love is Complicated

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Love Is Complicated looks at the perils and the perks of looking for love in many different places. This ongoing series takes an irreverent, playful and profound look at the many different ways love is expressed around the world, and the risks the players take in pursuing it.

--The Boundaries of Love in the Holy Land: Can gay partners -- one from the West Bank and the other from Israel -- navigate love in the harshest environments in the world for their relationship to bloom?

--Does an Afghan woman risk losing her groom at the altar unless she has nose surgery?

-- Ragdolls Jim and Rosie always seemed so happy together. Then one morning Jim was found face down, his face a burned concave disc. Rosie sat smiling placidly. An accident, a murder or a suicide. A rag doll whodunnit.

-- Introduced as the fighting was gaining momentum, young Meriem and Ahmed were pulled apart and ended up in different countries. When war is the ultimate wild card in love.

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It is rare for an Israeli and a Palestinian to fall in love. There are physical barriers, as Israelis can’t enter Palestinian areas, and Palestinia...

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Two Syrians, separated by war, go to great lengths for love.

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Plastic surgery is growing in Afghanistan and more and more women see it as the key to their fate.

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