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Outer Voices is a multi-media project dedicated to listening to, learning from, and sharing with others the seldom-heard voices of grassroots women activists from throughout the Pacific Islands and the Asian Pacific Rim. We do this because we know that women who work in their own regions, on behalf of their own communities, can effect lasting, non-violent social change. We know that the media can be a tool for getting their stories heard. Once heard, these stories can provide replicable models for social change in other communities around the world. Outer Voices provides media access to these women and their communities, with the goal of fostering a constructive dialogue among activists and organizations worldwide and in the United States. 



Caption: Pulling up the Dinghy, Credit: Stephanie Guyer-Stevens
“Blue Water” sailing is the kind where there’s no land to be seen, hopefully for days or weeks on end, and there’s a rare group of people who contr...

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There I was, an Indian woman on the move in a strange new land - Mongolia - and it didn't feel so strange. So much resonated - especially the voic...


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Caption: the Queen with Meerak, Credit: Jack Chance
Bhutan is a land of prayer flags and happiness. But people are people, and human suffering, including domestic violence, is as prevalent here as i...

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The price of rice is the price of life in Vietnam: the country is now the second largest exporter of rice in the world. But one out of every seven ...

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who's sailing now? women and the revival of traditional polynesian sailing in the solomon islands

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Along the Thai-Burma border, we meet the women peace activists working in the midst of the world's longest running civil war.

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Along the Thai-Burma border, we meet the women peace activists working in the midst of the world's longest running civil war.

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An honest look into the sex industry in Cambodia

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Girls From Cambodia - an honest look into sex trafficking in Cambodia

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In “The Hula Lesson” we join Hawaiian Hula teacher Roselle Bailey and her halau of multicultural women to find out what hula is, what it means to H...

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