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Caption: The Cannon Point neighborhood is like nowhere else., Credit: Google Maps

Day Two: The Accidental Life of Cannon Point (07:51)
From: Kenny Malone

Cannon Point is a one-block stretch in Broward County, Florida, with the highest concentration of mental health assisted-living facilities in the state. It was designed to be ...
Caption: Aurora and Manuel Navas, married in Cuba., Credit: Courtesy of Annie Navas

Day One: The Death of Aurora Navas (07:17)
From: Kenny Malone

In Florida, tens of thousands of people live in the state's nearly 3,000 assisted-living facilities. A ground-breaking year-long collaborative investigation by the Miami ...
Caption: Reporter Kenny Malone spent Christmas Morning at Shalom Manor, an assisted living facility just west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. , Credit: Kenny Malone/WLRN Staff

Anatomy of a Crackdown: Florida gets tough on assisted living facilities (06:01)
From: Kenny Malone

I met Paul Encin on Christmas Morning at Shalom Manor, a 35-bed assisted living facility just west of Fort Lauderdale. Paul suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia; that's the ...
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Remembering Andrew (58:31)
From: WLRN

20 years ago today (August 24th) Hurricane Andrew turned South Florida upside down. In this hour-long documentary, WLRN uses home videos, archival news footage, 911 calls, ...
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The Storm (09:03)
From: Kenny Malone

August, 24th 2012 was the 20th anniversary of perhaps the biggest story in South Florida history: Hurricane Andrew. We look back and measure time before Andrew and after. ...