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As I Lay Reading (02:50)
From: David Green

What is librarian Emily's biggest fear? Not being able to finish all the books she is in the middle of.
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Every Time You Leave (03:08)
From: David Green

Berlin, Germany - 1972. An American teenager tries to come to terms with what she sees and what she feels on both sides of the Wall while secretly meeting with East German ...
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Questions for Martin Luther King, Jr. (02:20)
From: David Green

If given the chance to interview Dr. King, this is what a group of third graders would have asked him.
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Short List #4 (:48)
From: David Green

A collaborative “Short List” poem which sheds light on the thoughts, secrets, senses of humor and lives of eight and nine-year-olds. Can you figure out what werewolves, ...
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Stuffed Animals 1 (02:23)
From: David Green

Third Graders tell stories about their favorite stuffed animals and dolls.

About Me

On occasion, David finds time to write, record and produce pieces of his own - the world seen through his "grown-up" eyes. He is trying to do more of this.

Meanwhile, he spends most of his audio time on the following:

“See” the world through third grade ears

Unable to run away and join a public radio station, David instead developed an audio-production curriculum for his eight and nine-year-old students at North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka, IL, a suburb just north of Chicago. Thus, “Third Grade Audio” was born.

From personal narratives to profiles, audio collages to site specific audio tours, short list poetry to national and international audio exchanges, the third graders - as well as the occasional elementary school peer - capture aspects of life, which might go unnoticed, or seem inconsequential, to those with "older" eyes and ears.

While learning the art and craft of audio production, the students write, record and produce pieces - collaboratively with David or on their own with a classmate - which document the world as seen, heard and experienced by third graders.

Hear more Third Grade Audio work, not yet posted on PRX, here:

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