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Recent Pieces from Glen Lasley

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Maxine A Voice From The Past (04:21)
From: Glen Lasley

This Is The Voice Of Maxine Who Past Away In 2008
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022 After The Shows Are Over (04:46)
From: Glen Lasley

Bluegrass Jams At Huckfinn Jubilee 2018
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Frogs In Bishop Ca. (01:06)
From: Glen Lasley

10 pm. In Bishop Ca Listening To Frogs
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More Of Barranquilla (03:22)
From: Glen Lasley

Sounds Of Colombia
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Boron Wildcats 2018 (03:37)
From: Glen Lasley

This Is The Boron Wildcats Div 1 Football Team
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A Voice From The Past, Okie (05:21)
From: Glen Lasley

The Voice Of Jim Adams(Okie)
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Barranquilla Columbia (01:22)
From: Glen Lasley

Sounds Of Columbia


Glen is currently available for new projects, has a car, and is available to travel Internationally.

Available For

  • Podcasting
  • Field Recording
  • I do this for fun


  • Hard Disc/Flash Recorder
  • Recording Studio
  • Specialized Mics
  • Zoom f8 recorder
  • rode m5
  • rode ntg1and lots more

Languages I Speak

  • English