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(Don't) hurry up and wait... In Alaska (09:47)
From: LN Lurie

I struggle with the "hurry up and wait" mentality. Alaska helped me get over this.
Caption: blackfriday line, Credit: LN Lurie

Haiyan Disaster Relief (14:54)
From: LN Lurie

Stories from disaster relief workers Ian Burgess and LN Lurie
Caption: Airstream!, Credit: Whitney Hills

American Road Trip (USA ROADTRIP) i-10 (29:55)
From: LN Lurie

Driving an Airstream trailer across i-10
Caption: Love Baltimore, Credit: LN Lurie

Worries (13:01)
From: LN Lurie

Whenever I travel, I always hear heaps of worries/warnings. Are they actually valid? That’s what we find out.
Caption: roof of africa, Credit: LN Lurie

Kilimanjaro - Before the climb (13:15)
From: LN Lurie

All the things going through my head before I climbed Kilimanjaro