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Caption: Phil Nyokai James playing the shakuhachi

Practicing Awareness (06:37)
From: Carla Seidl

Students of the shakuhachi flute learn about music, listening, and presence in their daily lives.
Caption: Newly milled flour at Carolina Ground, Credit: Carla Seidl

With Flour on Her Hands: Women Grinding Grain (04:50)
From: Carla Seidl

Milling flour is an ancient art. While commercial, industrial milling has largely taken over, there are some who are continuing, and honoring, the traditional craft to this ...
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Audio Postcard from Azerbaijan (04:25)
From: Carla Seidl

Sound collage from a small village in the north of Azerbaijan
Caption: girl eating the Togolese staple food "pâte", Credit: Carla Seidl

No Dessert (04:12)
From: Carla Seidl

Dessert? Some people have never even heard of it. This piece examines the cultural relativity of this sweet, after-meal food practice by contrasting views on dessert from the ...
Caption: pounding fufu in Kante, Togo

Fufu (04:23)
From: Carla Seidl

In the small West African nation of Togo, a typical meal consists of one of two staple foods: pâte (pronounced like “pot”), made from corn flour and water, or fufu, made from ...

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