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Caption: Margaret & Danae

Margaret's Golden Birthday (27:30)
From: andrew walsh

Danae wanted to get Margaret something very, very special for her golden birthday. So she planned an elaborate surprise for her. But Margaret doesn't like surprises.
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Do These Lederhosen Make Me Look Racist? (08:01)
From: andrew walsh

My friend Beverley tells the story of an uncomfortable encounter she had at a German-themed restaurant in Australia.
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Sesame Street Memories (02:14)
From: andrew walsh

We hit the streets to find out what people remember best (and worst) about Sesame Street.
Caption: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, Credit: Andrew Walsh

Neighbors (02:10)
From: andrew walsh

What makes a good neighbor? Should neighbors be friends? Who was the worst neighbor you ever had?
Caption: Liam Computes, Credit: Andrew Walsh

Kids and Computers (02:31)
From: andrew walsh

Liam McLeod is a typical 4-year-old: He can't tie his shoes, but he can use a computer better than some adults.