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Caption: The beginnings of an animation project by Claremont student Amir Rashid., Credit: Peter Heckel

Middle School students train on professional animation software (04:15)
From: Lillian Mongeau

At Claremont Middle School in Oakland, Calif., students learn the ropes of computer animation at a young age. Their teacher hopes this will qualify them for jobs in the field ...
Caption: Mary Marmastone (featured in the piece) plays with her dog Titan on a beach near her home in Seattle., Credit: Lillian Mongeau

Millennials: Are we lazy, or just smart? (03:54)
From: Lillian Mongeau

This fun piece launches from the ideas broached in the New York Times article, "What is it about 20-somethings?" I ask my friends, all at the tail-end of being 20-something, ...
Caption: PRX default Piece image

Too dangerous to sing (04:46)
From: Lillian Mongeau

An inner-city high school choir with a long history now must practice after school. But what would be just a scheduling adjustment in many places has turned into a crises ...
Caption: Jonathan Klein, Credit: Courtesy GO Public Schools

Interview: Why should we raise teacher salaries? (03:44)
From: Lillian Mongeau

This interview took place before the fall 2010 election. I asked the leader of an Oakland, Calif. non-profit to explain to me why he though people should vote for a ballot ...