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Caption: Tanna Frederick

Actress Tanna Frederick discusses working for indie director Henry Jaglom on stage and screen (29:13)
From: Bob Andelman

In recent years, Tanna Frederick has become the star of writer/director Henry Jaglom's company of actors, which operates much like his hero Orson Welles' Mercury Theater.
Caption: Warehouse 13 airs on SyFy, Tuesdays at 9 p.m., Credit: SyFy

Warehouse 13 actor Saul Rubinek (14:31)
From: Bob Andelman

Star of the SyFy cable network series "Warehouse 13" talks about season two.
Caption: 'Baby Boomer Bust?' by Roger Chiocchi

Baby boomer marketing expert Roger Chiocchi interviewed (28:54)
From: Bob Andelman

Roger Chiocchi is a Connecticut based marketing executive and author of 'Baby Boomer Bust?'
Caption: Eddie McClintock, Warehouse 13, Credit: SyFy

Eddie McClintock interview, star, Warehouse 13, SyFy Channel (10:51)
From: Bob Andelman

The second season of Warehouse 13 premieres Tuesday, July 6 @ 9 p.m. In this interview, McClintock discusses social media's help in pushing the show's popularity.
Caption: Last Words of the Executed by Robert K. Elder

Robert K. Elder interview, author, Last Words of the Executed (28:53)
From: Bob Andelman

Elder collected the final words of American serial killers, psychopaths and more. The book has an introduction by the late journalist Studs Terkel.