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  • Host/Executive Producer of Sea Change Radio
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Recent Pieces from Alex Wise

Caption: Brent Constantz

Brent Constantz: Concrete Plans (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Most people wouldn’t guess it, but concrete is the single most widely used material in the world. And both production and consumption are on the rise. The amount of energy ...
Caption: Spencer Wise

Spencer Wise: There’s No Business Like Shoe Business (28:30)
From: Alex Wise

Take a look at the shoes you’re wearing right now. You’ve probably logged more than a few miles in them already. But what kind of journey did they take before they ended up ...
Caption: Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz on Enlightened Self-Interest (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

What is meant by “enlightened self-interest,” and how does it inform consumer decisions? Shel Horowitz, a profitability and marketing consultant for green and sustainable ...
Caption: John Stoehr

John Stoehr: Where’s The Party? (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

From time to time, so-called moderate Democratic legislators cross party lines to work with Republicans. Do you ever wonder if voters from red states appreciate those ...
Caption: Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom: Time Waits For No One (29:30)
From: Alex Wise

This being primary election week in California and seven other states, we thought it an appropriate time to revisit our discussion with California gubernatorial candidate, ...
Caption: Rafael Mandelman

Rafael Mandelman: Inner City Blues (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Futurists, environmentalists and planners alike generally believe that humans living in more densely populated areas has benefits for the earth – city-living is just a much ...
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Oil Primer With Dan Dicker (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Have you forgotten the days of $5 gas from a few years ago? Well, after a period of relatively low prices, the price of the world's most-used fossil fuel is on the rise ...
Caption: Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich on Jaws (28:30)
From: Alex Wise

Did you know that 300 years ago people had larger jaws? Why would this be the case and why is it important? Paul Ehrlich, the founding father of modern population sciences, ...
Caption: Randy Olson

Randy Olson: “Don’t Be Such A Scientist” (29:30)
From: Alex Wise

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if the picture is a bar graph with a bunch of statistical notations? It may be worth a thousand words, but only to a ...
Caption: Rob Hopkins

Transition Network Founder Rob Hopkins (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

What would it take to get your neighborhood, community, or town to unify behind the shift to sustainability? This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to the founder of the ...