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  • Host/Executive Producer of Sea Change Radio
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Recent Pieces from Alex Wise

Caption: Alec Karakatsanis

“To Serve & Protect” Whom? Alec Karakatsanis on Copaganda (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

What comes to mind when you hear the words “crime” and “safety?” For many, these words evoke images of poor people stealing things, or police enforcing laws to suppress ...
Caption: RL Miller

RL Miller of Climate Hawks Vote on the Inflation Reduction Act (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Are you weary of having to care about where headline-seeking Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema land on important topics? Well, according to this week's guest on Sea ...
Caption: Daniel Nichanian

Daniel Nichanian on the Nuts and Bolts of Local Elections (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Anyone who paid attention to the ugly aftermath of the 2020 presidential election suddenly realized that a coterie of state-level bureaucrats had a whole lot more power than ...
Caption: Lara Gilmore

Indonesian Coal + Food For Soul (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

This week on Sea Change Radio, we dig into the archives and listen to two very different stories about consumption. First, we speak to global journalist Nithin Coca who has ...
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The Revelator’s John Platt on Endangered Species (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Historian and philosopher Yuval Harari writes, “When the first humans reached Australia about 45,000 years ago, they quickly drove to extinction 90% of its large animals. ...
Caption: Alex Gilbert

Alex Gilbert on West Virginia v. EPA (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

It seems like these days every sentence that begins with "The Supreme Court..." finishes with truly appalling news -- another draconian ruling regarding privacy, guns, or ...
Caption: John Fleck

John Fleck: Drought Dilemmas and the Colorado River (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Years of extreme drought have left the Colorado River at alarmingly low levels. Earlier this month, water management experts testified in front of a Senate energy and Natural ...
Caption: Oli Mittermaier

The Promise of Psychedelic Therapy (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Psychologist and pop culture icon of the 1960s, Timothy Leary, famously instructed San Francisco hippies to take psychedelic drugs in order to “turn on, tune in, and drop ...
Caption: John Stoehr

John Stoehr: Guns And White Power (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

The term “civil liberties” may connote different associations, depending on where you fall on the political spectrum. While some connect the term with the struggle for racial ...
Caption: Neel Dhanesha

Neel Dhanesha: Nurdle Hurdles (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

What is a nurdle, you ask? Is it the latest variation on the popular New York Times puzzle, Wordle? No, not quite. Nurdles are the tiny little petroleum-based building blocks ...