KFOI Radio

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  • Call Letters: KFOI
  • Frequency: 90.9 FM

We are a new full power FM station broadcasting at 12kw out of Red Bluff-Redding, CA.  As a Pacifica affiliate, we will have many types of programs.  We will focus on local talent and still carry the mainstays like Amy Goodman and Thom Hartmann, but want to present a variety of music and talk giving voice to little heard voices in an attempt to provide accurate information and serve our greater community.  We will carry news and commentary on important topics of the day. 


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Highlights from Wucked Fell Radio Theater's LIVE radio broadcasts. All shows were broadcast live and recorded. They are presented here with edits only for egregious mistakes. Wycked Fell Radio Theater will be returning to live radio on KFOI-FM, 90.9 FM soon.

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