Becoming a Mom

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Two stories following a single woman in her forties as she tries to become a mother.

These two stories follow Suzanne, a single woman in her forties, who always planned to settle down with "Mr. Right" and have a family. Unfortunately, she never met the right fella -- and chose to try to have a child on her own, before it was too late. In the first story, "Babyquest," she attempts In Vitro fertilization. In "Babyquest," Suzanne shares her story to date as the producers follow her through her final In Vitro procedure. When the attempt fails, Suzanne tries to adopt an African-American child; the second story in the series, "Dear Birth Mother," follows this effort. Both stories -- told by Suzanne in first-person -- generated huge listener response when they aired on All Things Considered.

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After waiting for Mr. Right (who has yet to arrive) - and after years of fertility treatments - Suzanne, a single woman in her forties, decided to ...

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Babyquest is the story of a single woman in her mid-40s that has been trying for two years to get pregnant using a variety of methods. Team Long Ha...

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