Family History: The Stars Who Guide Us

Series produced by Susan Barrett Price

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Family legends. A bit of research. The story emerges. Our lives get larger.

I am old now. I have time to test the legends, to tell the stories. I've been lucky to have some found sound, lucky to find old newspaper articles. The lessons will not be forgotten.

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Caption: Walter Price, 314th Combat Engineers
Commemorate the 100th anniversary of US involvement in World War I by accompanying Walter Price and the 314th Engineers on their tour of duty.

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Caption: Funeral service in front of Barrett's Market 1942
A community garden project at Barrett Brothers Park in north St. Louis prompts memories of the Barrett family, who came to Missouri as Irish famine...

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  • Length: 03:23
Caption: Kathleen, Then & Now
Short documentary collage of voices recorded in St. Louis during World War II on a Wilcox-Gay Recordio. The Greatest Generation carries on, as reme...

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Caption: Kitty Flanagan Barrett Curran
Tribute to my grandmother: No matter what life hands them, great dames keep on singing.

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Murder in Chicago, 1919; Prohibition; Gangs; Surprises in Genealogy Research

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Middle-aged corporate malcontent goes online, to be found by mom

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Caption: Montage: Chicago fire, train, Credit: Private Archive Photos
An immigrant story: longing for permanence but restless in pursuing it. My great-grandmother.

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