Bonjour Chanson Series 16

Series produced by Charles Spira

Caption: Charente Maritime, Credit: by courtesy of Lydia Roelandts
Image by: by courtesy of Lydia Roelandts 
Charente Maritime 

Since 2008 "Bonjour Chanson" has brought a wide range of Francophone artists to the English speaking Public. The artists and songs are introduced in English and this information greatly adds to the listening pleasure.

From the midst of the media hype and the cacophony of sounds and voices, we scoop up the artists and songs, from yesterday and today, that are faithful to the spirit of French Chanson, that is constantly evolving and renewing itself

5 Pieces

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Caption: By Courtesy of Lucrèce Sassella
Very new, new and older Francophone songs introduced in English. No need to speak French to Enjoy the show.

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Caption: By Courtesy of Maurane, Credit: Guillaume Cosson
You will be introduced to six beautiful songs by Francophone Artists. No French language skills are required. France, Belgium and Canada are repr...

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Caption: La Ruelle en Chantier, Credit: Courtesy of La Ruelle en Chantier
We introduce a selection of six very different Francophone artists with one of their songs in English. No need to understand French to enjoy the ...

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Caption: Yepa, courtesy of Antipodes Music, Credit: Nagi Fero &Marguerite Bruchet
A cool new French music duo Yépa, and a well-established artist, William Sheller are introduced in English together with other very talented singer...

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Caption: Faby Perier, Credit: by courtesy of Faby Perier
Romance, the fight against discrimination, a thirst for social justice, these are some of the subjects of the Francophone songs in this program. A...

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