The Occupy Movement: Protester Profiles

Series produced by Annie Shreffler

Caption: Occupy Boston March, 10/10/11, Credit: Photo by Diana Mai, for Open Media Boston (on Flickr)
Image by: Photo by Diana Mai, for Open Media Boston (on Flickr) 
Occupy Boston March, 10/10/11 

It's no use trying to define the kind of person coming to the Occupy movement that got its start on Wall Street and has spread across the U.S. It's everybody, well, at least 99 percent of everybody. Meet some of them here, one at a time.

They are the young and the old, the aspiring professional, the determined activist, the frustrated, the employed and unemployed, the should-be-retired. There is no one face for the occupation movement that was sparked on Wall Street and has spread across the U.S. Rather, they are all kinds of Americans, sometimes with nothing in common but a belief that they can make things change. This series will present just one at a time, up close.

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Caption: Mattie Loyce, a student at Northeastern U.
Mattie Loyce is a student at Northeastern University. She showed up at Dewey Square in Boston with marching protesters from her campus. They briefl...

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Caption: Corrie Garnet, Credit: photo by Annie Shreffler
Corrie showed up at the original meeting to plan Occupy Boston with a sign that read "I am a nurse without healthcare. I am the 99 percent."

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