Virginia: Colony to Commonwealth

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Caption: Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown, Credit: John Trumbull
Image by: John Trumbull 
Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown 

Historical insights about life in 17th and 18th century Colonial America, in light of events in Virginia that carried it from colony to commonwealth.

Edward Ayres, historian at Yorktown Victory Center in Virginia's Historic Triangle, discusses the importance of militias in the early American colonies, and what role they eventually played in the American Revolution. Ayres also details the use of artillery during the war with the English, and the state of medical treatment in the eighteenth century.

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Caption: Cannon firing at encampment, Credit: Jamestown Yorktown Foundation
Artillery played an important role in the American Revolution, but Americans were at a disadvantage just getting access to adequate pieces.

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Caption: At the surgeon's tent, Credit: Jamestown Yorktown Foundation
In the eighteenth century the state of medical care and medical theory was undergoing a transition. Historian Edward Ayers. Not understanding the c...

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Caption: Farm militia drill, Credit: Jamestown Yorktown Foundation
The colonial militias played an important role in the struggle for independence, but then, as now, not without some misunderstanding.

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