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Playlist: Laura Flanders

Compiled By: Harold Nicol

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Humanist left.

Laura Flanders & Friends (Series)

Produced by Laura Flanders

Most recent piece in this series:

Maurice Mitchell & the Working Families Party: Voting is a Chess Move

From Laura Flanders | Part of the Laura Flanders & Friends series | 28:00


Are you planning to vote in the presidential election? It’s quite possibly the most important election in our lifetimes — and yet some Americans may forgo voting this November. Both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have serious problems. How do we square the contradictions when casting our vote, and how should we think about elections altogether? As National Director of the Working Families Party (WFP), Maurice “Moe” Mitchell is interacting with voters on the ground and supporting candidates who’ve come out for a ceasefire in Gaza. The WFP’s bottom-up, third party approach is winning. What is he seeing and what is his advice in this critical election year? For starters, he says “supporting a candidate is a chess move. It's not a valentine”. He joins Laura Flanders and returning co-host Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Senior Minister at Middle Church in New York City, to break it all down. All that, plus a commentary from Laura.


“The Working Families Party is a political party that is building power for working class people of all races. We believe in a country for the many, not the few. We believe that in a democracy the people should govern, not corporations and the wealthy. And the way that we do it is we're building a bottom-up, third-party approach.” - Maurice “Moe” Mitchell

“Some of us are not listening . . . [Trump] intends to join a fascist campaign . . . If we're thinking of the long game, we have to ask ourselves which of these candidates has the most propensity to help us build a movement for the 20 years that we need to, or for seven generations.” - Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis



• Maurice Mitchell: National Director, Working Families Party

• Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis (Co-host): Senior Minister of Public Theology & Transformation, Middle Church, NYC