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Playlist: Etheogens

Compiled By: Harold Nicol


Psilocybin, peyote, LSD, Ayahuasca, et. al.

Psychedelics: Uniquely Useful Tools?

From Burton Cohen | 59:39

Results of recent conference of medical professionals on the subject

-_0__small Brushed aside for decades, a recent conference of scientists focused on the potential uses of LSD and other psychedelics. On this edition of The Burt Cohen Show, guest Randolph Hencken of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) discusses Psychedelic Science for the 21st century. If carefully controlled, should LSD and other psychedelic drugs become available as a tool for addressing psychological problems? If it can be of significant benefit to humankind, why not prescribe?

Stoned Straight 2

From Don Hill | 30:38

Investigation of a unique Native American treatment facility that prescribes peyote 'medicine' to quell the fires of addiction.

Regardless of decades of successful interventions, the detox center in New Mexico has been recently threatened with closure (it's presently under new management); its unconventional therapy has run afoul of medical authorities and funders.

Brainglyphtwo_small STONED STRAIGHT 2 is a followup on Stoned Straight, which aired in 2003 over CBC Radio One in Canada. The half-hour documentary profiles a unique substance and alcohol abuse treatment facility for Native Americans. Peyote, a Schedule One prohibited drug, is prescribed as 'medicine' to quell the fires of addiction. 

In July 2013, after twenty years of opening its doors to hundreds of thousands of clients, the detox center in Gallup, New Mexico, closed the door on a remarkable approach to treatment; its unconventional therapeutic methods ran afoul of state medical authorities and funding agencies. However, it's the politics of drug abuse that posed the greatest threat to the facility's continued existence.


In this documentary profile of the Na’nizhoozhi NCI Center, you'll hear from Dr. Charles Grob, a UCLA psychiatrist on the forefront of psychedelic medicine; Dr. George Greer, medical director of The Heffter Institute; Dr. Matthew Kelley, former head psychologist at the NCI treatment center in Gallup, NM; and Dr. Michael Persinger, a neuroscientist with surprising evidence on why human beings must seek altered states of awareness. 

Trips Beyond Addiction

From Jari Chevalier | 29:00

Psychedelic plants found in rainforests are being successfully used in the treatment of addiction in contemporary Western society. Trips Beyond Addiction features the voices and stories of ex-addicts, researchers and treatment providers sharing their experiences and fascinations with these hallucinogenic medicines.

Iboga_treatment_with_musician_bovenga_na_muduma_small Ayahuasca and Iboga are rainforest hallucinogens. They are traditional sacraments used in the tribal cultures of the Amazon and of Central West Africa, respectively, and in the past, these tribal medicines were taken by many members of the traditional societies of the regions where they naturally grow.

Now, these same compounds, sometimes referred to as entheogens for their power to evoke "mystical experiences," spiritual awakenings, powerful self-confrontation and aroused conscience, are being investigated scientifically to gain understanding of their extraordinary power and efficacy in treating addiction in contemporary Western society.

Owsley is Gone: New Future for LSD?

From Burton Cohen | 59:22

The man who delivered clean LSD to the Dead just died. Now
a SF psychiatrist argues for proper use of psychedelics.

Burt_cohen_formerly_sr_n_1d_small Owsley, the man who provided high quality LSD to the Grateful Dead and untold thousands of others, recently died in a car crash. Today, some 45 years after its then-legal popularization, there is renewed interest in what today's guest psychiatrist Dr Phil Wolfson calls, in his article in Tikkun magazine: Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Transformation. Tune in!

Allen Ginsberg - Peyote

From WGBH Radio Boston | Part of the Moments of America series | 01:00

Author Alan Ginsberg reminisces on the effects peyote had on him and some of his writings. (1995)

Default-piece-image-0 Taken from a 1995 interview with the poet for the PBS series "Rock and Roll." (See related moments with Ray Chalres)

Allen Ginsberg - Drugs

From WGBH Radio Boston | Part of the Moments of America series | 01:00

Author Allen Ginsberg advises that mind-altering drugs have their place in society.

Default-piece-image-1 Taken from a 1995 interview with the poet for the PBS series "Rock and Roll." (See related moments with Ray Chalres)