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Playlist: KNOW Shows

Compiled By: Alex Hanson

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This American Life (Series)

Produced by This American Life

Most recent piece in this series:

786: It's a Game Show!, 12/8/2023

From This American Life | Part of the This American Life series | :00

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The Moth Radio Hour (Series)

Produced by The Moth

Most recent piece in this series:

1921: Parental Guidance, 12/5/2023

From The Moth | Part of the The Moth Radio Hour series | 53:58


Bridgett Davis's mother provides for her family and teaches her daughter a valuable lesson in the process.
Ellie Lee tells the story of her Chinese immigrant father and the empire he built from nothing.
Jason Schommer's mother teaches him that bad decisions can be immortalized in photos. 
Louise Newton-Keogh learns and re-learns the meaning of "I love you" from her mother. 

Snap Judgment Weekly (Series)

Produced by Snap Judgment

Most recent piece in this series:

1450: Love Cats - Snap Classic , 11/30/2023

From Snap Judgment | Part of the Snap Judgment Weekly series | 53:57

Wartimecats-sq_small Two crazy cats and one hard-nosed reporter land in Syria right as it is thrown into turmoil. Rasha Elass navigates her way through Damascus amidst government crackdowns and whistling missiles in search of the country she loves. And a lovesick junior high kid will do anything to win over his crush. Even if that means going “undercover” for the US government. Snap Judgment presents, "Love Cats." Two stories. Two different kinds of love. Do not miss it. 

Live Wire (Series)

Produced by Live Wire! Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

592: Paul F. Tompkins, José Olivarez, and Esme Patterson, 12/22/2023

From Live Wire! Radio | Part of the Live Wire series | 59:01

592paulftompkinsthumb_small On the special holiday edition of Live Wire, comedian and podcaster Paul F. Tompkins talks about passive-aggressive Christmas carolers and the most tense rendition of “O Holy Night" he's ever heard; poet José Olivarez discusses his latest collection Promises of Gold, which explores the various types of love in our lives, from self-love to platonic love and over to romance; and singer-songwriter Esme Patterson performs her original Christmas song “If I.” Plus, host Luke Burbank and announcer Elena Passarello share our listeners favorite holiday traditions.

Latino USA (Series)

Produced by Latino USA

Most recent piece in this series:

2349: Jeh Johnson, 12/8/2023

From Latino USA | Part of the Latino USA series | 54:00

Lusa_standard_tile_prx___amazon_small The following is promo copy for Latino U-S-A, #2349, Week of 12/8/2023: This week/Next Week on Latino USA: A conversation with Jeh Johnson, the former Secretary of the department of Homeland Security under President Obama. ###END###