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Bluegrass Review #1306. Show for Feb 2-8, 2013

From Philip Nusbaum | Part of the The Bluegrass Review series | 58:01

Towards the beginning, the show plays some philosophical songs. Then, the Gem fo Bluegrass presents the evolution of the song “Take the Hammer.” It’s evolved from an African American hammer swinging song to a vehicle for progressive bluegrass. We play additional swing grass. Finally, we talk to Volker Fischer of the German Bluegrass group Covered Grass about how he finds inspiration.


Each week, the show presents current and historical bluegrass music, as well as interviews, produced segments and commentary. The result is in-depth and entertaining bluegrass programming that presents two or three thematic bursts within each show, and appeals to a wide audience of music lovers. The Bluegrass Review is available free of charge to stations that run it in a consistent timeslot.

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