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Recent Pieces from Philip Nusbaum

Caption: Brass Lassie, Credit: Trevor Rodriguez

Brass Lassie Connects Celtic Fiddle and Flute with Jazz horns at the Icehouse in Minneapolis, Sun... (08:00)
From: KBEM

Brass Lassie. The name tells you it is Celtic with horns added and predominantly women. Brass Lassie plays at the Ice House in Minneapolis Sunday February 24 at 7pm. When ...
Caption: Steve Kenny, Credit: Andrea Canter

CD Release Party this Saturday Night Features Two Bands of Trumpeter Steve Kenny (08:00)
From: KBEM

This Saturday Dec 15 is the 238th straight Saturday night jazz at the Black Dog in St Paul. The Constellation Band opens at 7pm. From 8:30 onward, two of trumpeter Steve ...
Caption: Ted Olsen, Credit: Steve Kenny

Ted Olsen’s Original Jazz Next Tuesday at Vieux Carré in Saint Paul (08:00)
From: KBEM

Ted Olsen plays the bass and composes. But his convincing quality is the great breadth of his influences. He’s performing with his quartet at Vieux Carre in St Paul, Tuesday ...
Caption: No Man's String Band, Credit: Honu Foto

The No Man’s String Band’s Evolved Musical Style and Band Philosophy (08:00)
From: KBEM

In an old bluegrass band there was a leader with sidemen. But today there are many other arrangements, and the name No Man’s String Band reflects that the band is a ...
Caption: Dan Schwartz with harp guitar, Credit: Benny Moreno

Dan Schwartz Plays Different Types of Guitars Conventionally and Unconventionally (08:00)
From: KBEM

Dan Schwartz is a guitar playing musical omnivore. He is one of the few reviving the harp guitar, a regular acoustic guitar with a set of bass strings that extend the ...
Caption: City Counselor, Credit: Aaron Rice

City Counselor Presents Liberation-Oriented Modernistic Pop (08:00)
From: KBEM

You expect pop songs to relate to romance. But not so with City Counselor. Nicky talked to Phil Nusbaum about the inspiration for City Counselor songs.
Caption: Elgin Foster, Credit: Benny Moreno

Explore Modern Finger Style Guitar with Three Guitarists May 27 at the Icehouse in Minneapolis (08:00)
From: KBEM

When it comes to modern finger-style guitar, every player seems to have a special stylistic niche. This Saturday, the Icehouse presents three of the finest over brunch from ...
Caption: Julian Manzara, Credit: Jax Ravel

Julian Manzara’s Innovative Rock Fusion at the Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis this Saturday Night (08:00)
From: KBEM

Julian Manzara is a young Minneapolis-based guitarist with deep interests in the histories of jazz and rock, and a mind to innovate. He showcases the Julian Manzara Band in a ...
Caption: Michelle Kinney, Credit: Lee Glasgow

Michelle Kinney’s Grounded Modernism Comes to Jazz Central (08:00)
From: KBEM

Michelle Kinney is a cellist influenced by all sorts of formal and popular music. She is also a composer who loves improvisation. Michelle leads a group into Jazz Central ...
Caption: Aja Parham, Credit: Rebecca McDonald

Aja Parham’s Vocal Jazz Interpretations Hold Forth at Jazz Central in Minneapolis (08:00)
From: KBEM

Minneapolis singer Aja Parham has done a lot for her young age. She’s sung classical music, pop styles, and jazz. You can listen to Aja and her group combine all her ...