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Passover candy - an audio tour of a Lower East Side candy store

From Julie Subrin | 06:30

Jerry Cohen, owner of Economy Candy on New York City's Lower East Side, takes Blake Eskin on a tour of the shop's Passover selection (with a few chocolate bunny and marshmellow peep digressions along the way).

Podcasteconomycandy_small Jerry Cohen, owner of Economy Candy, a sweet tooth wonderland on New York City's Lower East Side, has worked there ever since he was a kid. He knows the store's vast inventory as well as anyone - everything from the Banana French Taffy Chews to rainbow-colored Gummy Sour Worms. In anticipation of the holiday, Nextbook's Blake Eskin takes a guided tour of Jerry's Passover candy selection, which includes fresh fruit slices and chocolate dipped macaroons. This piece runs at 7:30, but could easily be cut to accomodate other formats. It is playful, deadpan at times, and slightly irreverent - a nice departure for those looking for some light Passover content for their station. The piece was produced for the Nextbook.org podcast. Nextbook.org is an online Jewish culture magazine.

Growing Up Without A Father

From Listen Up New Orleans! | 04:49

Starting a relationship with a dad who's been absent

Default-piece-image-2 James Oliver, 13, tells the story of his relationship with his father, who has been absent for the bulk of James's life ? in part due to a stay in prison. From the time James was two years old, until he was eleven James's father was in prison.

The Premature Burial

From KUER | Part of the Radio Hour series | 11:19

Radio Theater Production of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Premature Burial"

The Premature Burial

Radiopoehigh_small KUER's RadioWest and Salt Lake City's Plan B Theatre Company present a full radio production of Edgar Allan Poe's horror classic "The Premature Burial." The first person narration and foley sounds underscore the terror of being buried alive.