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Into the Music is a series of artist and event profiles connecting the junction points of popular music evolution.  The series creators, Hwy. 61 Productions, presents the program within the metaphor of the highway system, meaning that every road leads to every other.  The goal of the program is to enhance awareness, understanding and enjoyment of music with an advanced introduction to the artist, event, record company etc. featured each week. 

The features are in one, two, or three parts depending on the impact of the artists and the length of the songs.  Each hour-long block is between 54-56 minutes of content including an intro, and with the episode split in two segments.  This allows for time adjustment and room for content from the stations, along with weekly specific and generic promos provided for Into the Music.

The series currently features about 160 hours of completed programming, ranging from historic figures like Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, to Radiohead and Wilco, surrounding a core selection from the classic rock era.  Blues, R & B, Soul, Country and Folk are all represented in the series archives. 

Program host Al Neff is a 30 year veteran of public and commercial radio who positions the program's narration artistically between each song selection, guiding the listener chronologically through the artist's career or the evolution of the topic.  

You can visit the Into the Music website and view the archives at www.intothemusic.com


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Into the Music is a series of artist and event profiles which connect the currents of 20th century music evolution. The series is created by Hwy 61 Productions using the metaphor of the highway system to illustrate the junction points and crossroads of popular music's development. Songs are connected with focused narration of :30-1:15 using tasteful ramp and fade for aesthetic continuity and time efficiency. The show is an advanced introduction and consumer guide intended to enhance enjoyment and awareness


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A 3-part chronological profile of Dylan's career from the early 1960's until his most recent work. Each part has a :60 intro and 2 segments of app...

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