Syracuse University Broadcast Journalism - 2

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  • Location: Syracuse, New York

Students in the radio reporting course at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University are encouraged to showcase their talents by doing longer-form stories that
could air in varous markets.  Some are geographically-focused; others have broad appeal. These stories are looking for a good home. If they air, they will mark
the professional start for some of our talented students.  These stories are produced in a class taught by Professor Barbara Croll Fought.



Caption: From left to right, Chris McGlynn, Billy Sickles, Matt Weintraub, Jibran Meiser, Dan Wickens, Tyler Finkler all played high school Ultimate under Ryan Belline. Now all of them play professionally.  (c) 2016 Tricia McGlynn, Credit: Tricia McGlynn
This is a personal story of how a lack of officials has come to define the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and how the sport is evolving now that it has ...

Bought by WCAI / WNAN Cape & Islands, Mass.

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Caption: Students at Syracuse University march around campus holding signs and chanting.
A piece about college students standing for change and ending rape culture.

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When refugees come to a new country the language barrier that they face can be problematic. One challenge they face is being able to report crimes ...

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Examining the heavy New York influence on the Syracuse University lacrosse program, and the deep roots of lacrosse in the state of New York.

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Unwanted and old fabrics often get thrown away, but they have a large value to the environment and local communities when they are recycled.

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Wearing the number 22 for Syracuse University lacrosse has traditionally been saved for the best players. This story looks back at some of the his...

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This piece describes the positives and negatives of starting out a college lacrosse career at the junior college level and then moving to a four ye...

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Caption: Nick Temperine, a kid in Hi-5 Sports, loves to come and play basketball with his friends. , Credit: (c) 2015 Hi-5 Sports
Hi-5 Sports was founded in Clifton Park, N.Y. by Jim Fitzgerald to give children with physical and developmental disabilities the chance to play si...

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Caption: Lenn Brown has been going to Syracuse basketball games with his family since he was a young boy, including the thriller against Villanova in February of 2010., Credit: (c) 2010 Rick Brown
Syracuse University sophomore Lenn Brown is a manager of the SU men's basketball team. His mom and dad both went to the school and his love for it ...

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Kate Beckman is a college student, but she also runs a national college blog. Fresh U has 200 writers at almost 100 universities, and is growing st...

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